7 times Dennis Rodman scored 0 points but recorded 20+ rebounds

Dennis Rodman with the Chicago Bulls [Source: Marca]
Dennis Rodman with the Chicago Bulls [Source: Marca]
Kunal Sethi

Dennis Rodman is one of the best players in NBA history. He played for the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers and Dallas Mavericks during his time in the NBA. Rodman epitomized team basketball and doing whatever it took to win.

Today, people refer to Draymond Green and PJ Tucker as players who are invaluable to championship squads. The duo is the type of players who don't score points but do whatever their team asks them to.

Well, Dennis Rodman paved the way for the likes of Green and Tucker. Rodman was a two-time Defensive Player of the Year and led the league in rebounding for seven consecutive NBA seasons.

When Dennis Rodman grabbed more than 20 boards in a game while going scoreless:

Dennis Rodman played alongside some great legends during his prime. He was part of the Isiah Thomas-led Detroit 'Bad Boy' Pistons in the late 1980s before he joined forces with the San Antonio Spurs and David Robinson.

After a two-year stint in San Antonio, Rodman found championship glory once again, this time with the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls.

"You got to have that mental toughness to play defense and rebound."4x NBA Champion Robert Parish tells Pat O'Keefe & Sam Mitchell how Dennis Rodman impacted the Chicago Bulls

Naturally, Dennis Rodman wasn't asked to score buckets during his championship-winning days, as that task was left to the likes of Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan. He had one job - get rebounds and defend at a high level.

There were seven instances when Dennis Rodman grabbed more than 20 boards in a game while going scoreless. On that note, here's look at those games:

#7 December 13th, 1993 vs Utah Jazz - 20 rebounds

Dennis Rodman with the San Antonio Spurs [Source: mySA]
Dennis Rodman with the San Antonio Spurs [Source: mySA]

While playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Rodman had just one goal in mind - grabbing boards. He posted a zero tally in every single statistic in this game except rebounding, finishing with a final box score of 20 rebounds and zero points, assists, steals and blocks. He had just one turnover in the entire game, and seven of his 20 boards were on the offensive end.

The San Antonio Spurs lost the game by 15 points despite outrebounding the Utah Jazz 40-35, though. David Robinson had 23 points and 11 rebounds, while Utah's Karl Malone had 27 points and nine rebounds.

#6 January 25th, 1994 vs Sacramento Kings - 20 rebounds

Dennis Rodman with the San Antonio Spurs against the Sacramento Kings [Source: KFOX]
Dennis Rodman with the San Antonio Spurs against the Sacramento Kings [Source: KFOX]

This game saw another Dennis Rodman masterclass in cleaning the glass. Coming off the bench for the San Antonio Spurs, he played 36 minutes and grabbed 20 rebounds while going scoreless against the Sacramento Kings. The Spurs routed the Kings in a 16-point victory while outrebounding them 52-39.

There are only 12 games where a player tallied 0 points and at least 20 rebounds in the history of the NBA.Dennis Rodman achieved that unique stat line 6 times with San Antonio Spurs during the 1993-1994 season.

Dennis Rodman also recorded one assist, one steal and a block in that game, while recording just two turnovers. He was scoreless, not because his shots were falling but because he didn't attempt a single field goal. Seventeen of his 20 boards were defensive, while three were offensive.

#5 April 2nd, 1994 vs Charlotte Hornets - 20 rebounds

This game was one of Dennis Rodman's best, as he dished out eight assists and grabbed 20 boards. The San Antonio Spurs remarkably got outrebounded by the Charlotte Hornets 49-48 despite Rodman's best efforts in cleaning the glass. However, the Spurs won 117-111 behind David Robinson's team-high 23 points.

Dennis Rodman scored zero points on the night, but grabbed 20 boards and made eight assists along with just two field goal attempts. Sixteen of his 20 rebounds were defensive, while four were at the offensive end.

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