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Allen Iverson ends GOAT discussions, says Michael Jordan is the GOAT

353   //    08 Dec 2018, 00:02 IST

Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson

The GOAT discussions have been going on for years now.

So there are three groups of NBA fans here. First, who consider Michael Jordan as the greatest player ever to play in the NBA and say he is the GOAT second, who consider Lebron James as the player who surpassed even Jordan to become the greatest player in the NBA history. Third, I don't know who are these people and what they want to prove.

There was a beautiful piece published on Thursday by The Players’ Tribune where Allen Iverson is in conversation with them and talks about his life and times. If you have not read it, then I would recommend it to you. The title of the article is "Allen."

In that conversation, Allen Iverson clearly states which group of NBA fans he is part of. Allen Iverson says he has a lot of love for Lebron James but there is nobody like Michael Jordan and there will never be someone like him.

These were his exact lines:

“First of all, I love LeBron,” he says in the piece. “I have nothing but love for LeBron. That’s the best player of his generation, one of the best, a great husband, great father, great role model, and it’s even beyond that: What he’s doing with that school in Akron?? It’s a beautiful thing.”
“But Y'all.
We’re talking about Mike
We’re talking about Mike,
We’re talking about Black Jesus himself.”

Iverson also tells about a story in which he was looking for Jordan and found him smoking his favourite cigar in the Coaches' room before the All-Star Game. According to him, Michael Jordan controlled the game.

Iverson greets teammates
Iverson greets teammates

Jordan is the greatest NBA player ever. He is the one who immensely impacted the game, and influenced a lot of players. He had complete control of the game, unlike James who has comparatively very less. There is no point not calling Jordan the GOAT because no other player ever will have so much control over the game.

And as Iverson said about his perception of Jordan during that time: He runs EVERYTHING!