Asian Games 2018: Round-Up of Day 13 Basketball Results

Jordan Clarkson #6 against Japan

On Day 13 of the Basketball fixtures at the Asian Games 2018, Classification for 5-8th places was underway in both the men's and women's category. These games were played between teams that lost in the quarter-finals.

In the first match of the women's classification, Mongolia lost against Thailand and in the second match, Kazakhstan beat the hosts Indonesia. Kazakhstan and Thailand will fight for the 5-6th position while Indonesia and Mongolia will fight for the 7-8th spots.

In the first match of the men's classification, Philippines beat the Japan basketball and in the second match, Syria beat the Hosts Indonesians in the closed match. Philippines and Syria will fight for the 5-6th position and Indonesia and Japan will fight for the 7-8th classification.

Thailand 80-51 Mongolia

EnteAction from Philippines and Japan Basketball on Day 13
Action from Thailand and Mongolia Basketball on Day 13

In the first match on Day 13, Thailand beat the Mongolian Women's Basketball team and will again fight for the 5-6th place against a tough Kazakhstan squad. This is the best result at the Asian Games for the Thailand Women's Basketball squad.

In the first half, Thailand took the control of the game, largely in part due to Mongolia's turnovers. It helped to take a 38-23 at halftime. In the second half, the Mongolian team fought hard in the third quarter by outscoring Thailand 18-13 but they couldn't keep it going and eventually lost by 29 points.

Final Score: Thailand beat Mongolia by 80-51(17-11, 21-12, 13-18, 29-10). Kanokwan Prajuapsook of Thailand scored 14 points and Murat Bulbul of Mongolia scored 11 points.

Kazakhstan 93-65 Indonesia

Enter captionAction from Philippines and Japan Basketball on Day 13
Action from Indonesia and Kazakhstan Basketball on Day 13

It's been one of the good tournaments for Indonesia in terms of Basketball but the women's basketball team lost to Kazakhstan in the classification of 5-8th place.

In the first quarter, despite being the hosts, Indonesians fell behind big in the first half. They were down by 21 points at halftime, a deficit that was too big for them to come back from in the second half. Indonesia kept it close in the second half but the mismatch in first half's play was something they couldn't bounce back from.

It's a big deal that Kazakhstan with such a huge margin despite registering 23 turnovers as compared to 11 by Indonesia. The only way to overcome turnovers is making shots and Kazakhstan made it a clip of 58.7% from the field as compared to Indonesia's 31.4%.

Final Score: Kazakhstan beat Indonesia by 93-65(27-14, 27-19, 15-17, 24-15). Tamara Yagodkina of Kazakhstan scored 20 points and Christaline Natasha of Indonesia scored 17 points.

Philippines 113-80 Japan

Enter captionAction f
Action from Philippines and Japan Basketball on Day 13

It was a disappointing defeat for the Philippines in the quarterfinals against South Korea on Monday but they had a chance to go out with a win in the Classification rounds and they did just that. Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Jordan Clarkson led the way with 22 points, 9 assists, and 6 rebounds, registering his first win with the national squad since arriving to play with the squad for the Asian Games.

They did so in dominant fashion, winning by 33 points. The scores were tied at 27 points after the first quarter but the game swung in the third period when the Philippines squad outscored the Japanese 25-17, beginning the period with 11-0 run.

Final Score: Philippines beat Japan by 113-80(27-27, 30-20, 25-17, 31-16). Christian Karl of Philippines scored 27 points and Nakamura Taichi of Japan scored 16 points.

Syria 76 - 66 Indonesia

Enter captionAction from Philippines and Japan Basketball on Day 13
Action from Syria and Indonesia Basketball on Day 13

In the matter of a single day, both the host's men's and women's basketball team lost in the classification rounds. This game was done by halftime, as Syria led by 28 points when the team went to the locker rooms for the break.

The hosts cut the lead by 3 in the third quarter but they were still trailing by 25 before the final period. Even with Syria almost handing the quarter away by just scoring 10 points, they still ended up winning the game comfortably by 15 points.

Final Score: Syria beat Indonesia by 76-66(26-15, 26-09, 14-17, 10-25). Aljabi Tarek of Syria scored 33 points and Winsu Arki of Indonesia scored 14 points.

Men's 5-6th Classification Basketball Match

Syria vs Philippines on 31st August

Men's 7-8th Classification Basketball Match

Indonesia vs Japan on 31st August

Women's 5-6th Classification Basketball Match

Thailand vs Kazakhstan on 31st August

Women's 7-8th Classification Basketball Match

Mongolia vs Indonesia on 31st August

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