Ben Simmons to Portland Trail Blazers: A boom or bust trade for both parties?

Memphis Grizzlies v Philadelphia 76ers
Memphis Grizzlies v Philadelphia 76ers

There have been rumors floating around that the Philadelphia 76ers will be looking to trade Ben Simmons this offseason.

Simmons had a disappointing 2021 NBA playoffs, culminating with the Philadelphia 76ers losing to the Atlanta Hawks in Round 2 in seven games. Ben Simmons was a no-show throughout the series, averaging a dismal 9.9 points per game.

The Portland Trail Blazers are one of the teams whose name has come up in the Ben Simmons sweepstakes. In this article, we will analyze the possibility of the trade being successful for all sides involved if the Blazers end up trading for Simmons.

Will Ben Simmons to Portland Trail Blazers work? Or are Damian Lillard and co. better off passing on the point guard?

Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Six
Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Six

One of the major issues the Portland Trail Blazers have faced in the last few playoffs is that their defense has given up too many points against quality opposition.

A recent example of this is their first-round series against the Denver Nuggets, who tore their defense to shreds despite missing star guard Jamal Murray.

The Portland Trail Blazers signed Robert Covington and Derrick Jones Jr. in the 2020 offseason to strengthen their defense, but the duo could not do so.

If the Blazers end up going for Ben Simmons in the summer, that situation could change.

Simmons is a two-time NBA All-Defensive team inductee and was a finalist for the Defensive Player of the Year award, which eventually went to Rudy Gobert.

Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Six
Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Six

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On the offensive end, Simmons is a gifted playmaker who is adept at finding his teammates both in the paint and on the perimeter. He has averaged 7.7 assists per game in his career so far, and his basketball IQ has been compared with that of LeBron James.

If Simmons does end up joining the Blazers, they will have the option of fielding at least one talented passer on the court at all times (Damian Lillard or Simmons).

However, this situation, in all probability, will only work out if the Portland Trail Blazers play Ben Simmons either as a 4 or a 5.

Simmons can combine with Lillard in high pick-and-roll action, resulting in either the former finding another player with a pass or going to the rim by himself.

If the Philadelphia 76ers do end up sending Ben Simmons to the Portland Trail Blazers, they most likely will acquire CJ McCollum.

McCollum is adept at scoring the basketball from the two-guard position, a skill-set the 76ers have been craving for years.

The situation could end up being a win-win situation for all parties if an agreement is reached to swap Ben Simmons and CJ McCollum this summer.

However, it comes with conditions - the Blazers playing Simmons as a front-court player and the 76ers being able to hide McCollum's deficiencies on the defensive end.

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