"Blew 24-point lead against Kings, 22 today": Warriors' loss to Paul George's Clippers on game-winner leaves fans frustrated

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Warriors' Steph Curry in action vs Clippers, Dec 2 2023

Paul George topped off a rousing 22-point comeback for the LA Clippers with a game-winner with nine seconds left in the fourth quarter today. This marked the Clippers' sixth win since the acquisition of James Harden in the blockbuster season-opening trade finalized in late October.

The Clippers' players and management faced a ton of pressure after going winless in Harden's first four outings. Since going down 3-5 on the season, the Clippers have shown more grit. And as a unit on both ends of the floor, they looked their best selves in this tough division game.

Stephen Curry made only one out of his last 10 shot attempts in the game, finishing with a measly 7-of-18 shooting display for 21 points. His cooldown negated some positive plays from Klay and Podziemski as Dub Nation never got back to the scoring groove they'd displayed in the first half.

The Clippers flushed in 37 points in the third quarter, but couldn't take the lead till nine seconds left in the game with PG-13's shot attempt. With all of this drama unfolding at Crypto.com Arena, NBA fans found a ton to talk about.

NBA fans react to Clippers' 113-112 win over Golden State

This game brought a lot of hate the Warriors' way, and understandably so. One Twitter (now known as X) user remarked that this wasn't their first such meltdown of the year in a division game

"Warriors blew a 24 point lead last week against the Kings. 22 today"

Another expressed his exasperation with their stop-start campaign thus far, maintaining that they need to blow up their roster for good this time. The parting dig at the Clippers didn't go unnoticed.

"Warriors need to blow it up, losing to the worst team in the west is unacceptable"

Other such kneejerk reactions followed to this exciting Saturday game

Not every regular season game is of the same importance this year, and some losses hurt more than others. The manner of this Warriors defeat, having led for nearly 48 minutes through a game that wasn't even close in the first half, will certainly demand some introspection from the team.

This was on a night when they were missing Andrew Wiggins, but they got viable production from both Klay and Draymond alongside Steph. Of course, they're only 9-11 on the season so far, but the more uphill their playoff path is, the worse they will be for the wear during the postseason - if they get there in the first place.

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