"He will play golf every day": Michael Jordan envisioned his own future moves in 1997

NBA great Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls.
NBA great Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls.

Even before he called it a day as a professional player, basketball great Michael Jordan had an idea of what his life would be like in retirement, which included playing a lot of rounds of golf.

In an interview with Polish magazine Magic Basketball back in 1997, Jordan, who was then 34 years old, was asked what he would be doing at 40.

His reply, when translated read:

"He's going to play golf every day. He watched over all his affairs in Business. If my children choose a career in sports, I will be [involved] as much as I can. I also dream of leading a partially normal life. Live in your house and have some peace. Just a little, because I know I'll never be able to live a normal life and calmly."
"I hope that the interest in me will subside a little and I will be able to travel, show up here and there, be privately in different places," he added. "I will certainly not break with public life, if only because I have already concluded advertising contracts for many years ahead. But most importantly, the daily game of golf."
NBA Star Michael Jordan (Image via Getty)
NBA Star Michael Jordan (Image via Getty)

As fate would have it, Jordan did retire for the final time at the age of 40 after playing his last two seasons with the Washington Wizards, where by that time, he was already part-owner and president of basketball operations of the team.

Prior to that, he retired twice. First, after winning his third straight NBA title with the Chicago Bulls in 1993 and then second, following the Bulls’ second three-peat in 1998.

Golf continues to be part of Jordan's life up to this point. The 60-year-old recently ended his 13-year run as owner of the Charlotte Hornets by selling his majority stake in the team. None of his adult children, however, went on to make a successful career in professional sports.

Michael Jordan's Washington Wizards career

Michael Jordan played his last two seasons in the NBA with the Washington Wizards.
Michael Jordan played his last two seasons in the NBA with the Washington Wizards.

While Michael Jordan’s stint with the Washington Wizards came late in his illustrious career, he was still solid for his advanced age.

In two seasons in the Capitol, he averaged 21.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, 4.4 assists, and 1.5 steals in 142 games.

One of the highlights of his Wizards stint was scoring 51 points in their 107-90 victory over the Charlotte Hornets in December 2001. In said game, he made 21 field goals on 38 attempts and converted 9-of-10 free throws.

Check out the game highlights below:


The 51 points he had was one of eight instances where Jordan scored 40 points or more while playing for the Wizards.

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