High School Basketball: Arkansas player forced to play 1-on-5 as all his teammates foul out

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2015 Big Man Clinic

Basketball can be a crazy sport sometimes. And nowhere was that more so the case than at a recent high school basketball game at Bay High School in Bay, Arkansas. For possibly the first time ever in organized basketball history, a player had to settle for playing with no teammates against a full team close to the end of the game.

There is a lot to unpack in this situation. Let's get started.

High School Basketball: Arkansas player plays 1-on-5 in final minutes of the game and almost wins it

A bizarre scene ensues in Arkansas (Credits: USA Today)
A bizarre scene ensues in Arkansas (Credits: USA Today)

Bay High School basketball player Zeke Davis found himself in what was a very difficult situation. After all of his teammates had somehow fouled out of the game, Davis was left to possibly win the game for his team alone in the final moments of double-OT.

His team was down by just two points at the time. And after a missed free throw by the other team, Zeke Davis had a chance to steal the game. He gathered the rebound before putting the ball on the floor and somehow getting through four defenders with ease.

After leaving most of the other team in the dust, Davis stepped up to the three-point line for a relatively open look at a shot from beyond the arc. But it seems that the player may have just rushed it far too much, as he shanks his follow-through, and the ball comes up just short, denying the world of an incredible win.

Many would have to see this to truly believe it. And thankfully, Zeke Davis came up clutch here and has posted a video on Instagram to prove what really happened in this high school basketball game.

A crazy night indeed for not only Zeke Davis but also for high school basketball as a sport.

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