Klay Thompson reveals secret to his improved shooting: "I learned if you lurk you’re going to get hurt"

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets

Klay Thompson finally came out of his funk in the Golden State Warriors' last four games. Thompson has played great since changing something from his routine, which is the secret to his improved shooting.

In a pregame interview on Friday, Thompson discussed his current performances for the Warriors. He's playing particularly well after struggling with his shot to start the season. The four-time NBA champ correlated his bad shooting to reading comments on social media.

"I have so much more time on my hands," Thompson said. "On social media looking at the comments, I learned if you lurk you're going to get hurt."

Thompson added:

"I don't know what I was thinking, my 12th year in the league. I've been through this before, but I had a moment of weakness. But learning to focus on the games and days, not looking too far ahead. You'll enjoy the run so much more. That's what I've been doing the last couple weeks rather than after a game, going on social media and checking your mentions."

Klay Thompson received a lot of criticism from analysts and people on social media for his poor play. He tried to respond by shooting out of his slump, but that didn't work. After staying away from social media two weeks ago, the movie finally paid off for the five-time All-Star.

In his last four games, Thompson is averaging 24.8 points, 3.3 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1.0 steals. He's also shooting 52.3% from the field, including 54.8% from beyond the arc.

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Thompson's best game of the season came against the Houston Rockets last Sunday. He had 41 points, four rebounds, three assists and two steals. He knocked down 10 3-point shots, which is tied for most makes by a player this season.


To read the entire pregame interview with Klay Thompson, click here.

Klay Thompson feeling more comfortable about his conditioning

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors

In addition to getting bothered by people talking about his game, Klay Thompson attributed his struggles to physical conditioning. Thompson told reporters before the Golden State Warriors took on the Utah Jazz that he's feeling much better now than earlier in the season.

"That first week, I thought I was in great shape, but I was in good shape, not great," Thompson said. "Now, I'm not getting tired. Making an impact on both ends, and I just think I'm getting my legs in my shot."

Thompson also credited his teammates for helping him realize that he does not need to take a lot of shots. He wants the game to come to him, which makes it easier for the team to make shots.

"I'm trying to play with great force on both ends and take great shots," Thompson said. "The first couple weeks I was a little trigger-happy. Any daylight, any little inch of space was open. Now realizing I have great teammates; let's play off them. Let's get great shots, and the good ones will go in, too."

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