Is Miami Heat the best fit for Kyrie Irving ahead of his impending exit from Brooklyn Nets?

Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat
Miami Heat could be a decent destination for Kyrie Irving (Image via Getty Images)

The Miami Heat made the NBA Finals in 2020 but were defeated by LeBron James and the LA Lakers. The Heat also had a chance to advance to the finals last year, but they fell to the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

This year, the Heat have been rather disappointing. With a 29-25 record, the team is currently in sixth spot in the Eastern Conference and probably won't go far in the playoffs.

However, Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg could work their magic to acquire Kyrie Irving before the trade deadline. If this happens, the Heat could become much more dangerous and become favorites to win the East.

Miami Heat and Kyrie Irving? Not a bad combination

One thing that separates the Miami Heat from other NBA teams is their culture. Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra love winning and have done a fantastic job in developing the team.

This season, however, the Heat have struggled with injuries. They also have a couple of flaws with the roster, such as poor playmaking and lack of size, which is why they've lost several winnable games.

Irving would drastically improve the Heat (Image via Getty Images)
Irving would drastically improve the Heat (Image via Getty Images)

While Irving wouldn't be able to help the Heat with their size, he would definitely be a massive upgrade over Kyle Lowry, who has been disappointing so far. Irving is an elite playmaker and scorer who'd make Miami one of the top teams in the league.

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The Brooklyn Nets guard is very controversial, which is his biggest problem. However, Pat Riley has done a great job running the team and did not even let LeBron James have too much control over it.

If there is a team where Kyrie Irving can succeed and keep a relatively low profile, it is the Heat. Unfortunately, Miami may not have enough assets to acquire the former NBA champion.

How can Miami acquire Kyrie Irving in a trade?

The Miami Heat have until Feb. 9 to put together a trade package for Kyrie Irving. Unfortunately, they may not have enough assets to offer to the Brooklyn Nets. Additionally, the Nets may not be interested in trading with another team from the East.

Miami could offer Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson for Irving. Both have at least one more year left on their contracts, while Irving is on an expiring deal.

The Heat could offer Duncan Robinson for Irving (Image via Getty Images)
The Heat could offer Duncan Robinson for Irving (Image via Getty Images)

While this trade would drastically benefit the Heat, the Nets would most likely not be interested in it. However, if Miami adds another player to the mix, such as Max Strus or Gabe Vincent, Sean Marks may accept the deal.

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The Heat also have several first-round picks they could include in the trade package, including a 2023 first-round pick.

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