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Kyrie Irving's latest NIKE Shoes Kyrie 4's has got a hidden message 

18 Dec 2017, 08:44 IST

kyrie 4
Kyrie 4's

What's the story?

It was not long ago we were discussing Kyrie Irving Shoes Kyrie 3's and how it is one of the premium basketball shoes but now, its time for Kyrie 4's. Kyrie Irving gave us a glance of his fancy kyrie 4 sneakers and we were like wow!

In case you didn't know...

There is one weird or we can say funny feature on the shoe which is an "All Seeing Eye" symbol on the back of the tongue.Its meaning is related to the "Earth is flat" controversy which happened with Kyrie.If you don't remember the controversy then, let me remind you of it.

Kyrie Irving gave a statement that he considers the earth to be flat. He has stood by his statement even after backlashes and trolls. Even his teammates and coaches were against the fact that earth is flat.There were a lot of negative comments on his statement and a lot of fun was made out of the controversy.

The heart of the matter...

So, what does this symbol mean?

Actually, this symbol represents that we should all look for our own answers and not the answers which the world gives us.

kyrie 4 symbol
Kyrie 4 "All Seeing Icon"

The shoe is called Nike Kyrie 4 "confetti".These shoes are a source of motivation and a reminder of the loss he faced from Golden states last season and how he fell short of his goal.

kyrie 4
Kyrie 4 "confetti"

What's next?

Kyrie 4 "Confetti" released yesterday and its performance analysis will be fun to watch. Kyrie 3's was praised widely by everyone and its performance analysis was also good. Kyrie 4's is also expected to do good. We will soon review Kyrie 4 for you guys.

Author's take

In my views, with the Boston Celtics on a high and Kyrie on an amazing run, this is the best time for Nike to release the shoe. It will be a sure shot success and according to me, its performance analysis will also be amazing.But, when we talk about the "All Seeing Eye" icon, Kyrie got backfired by many during the "Earth is flat" controversy and it was not that he got a lot of good reviews from it. Although the motto is good, it can somehow leave a negative impact.

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