Kyrie Irving Shoes

Nike's Kyrie line of sneakers have been a rage among sneakerheads ever since his first edition of Kyrie 1s rolled into sneaker stores worldwide in late 2014. Including all editions of every player's signature sneakers, Kyrie Irving Shoes are the kicks of choice for the highest number of NBA players. Kyrie 3s have been worn by 32 players this season, while Kyrie 4s were sported by 22 others.

The Kyrie 4s were first released in black-and-white on December 16th last year. The 'Confetti' colourways were next up, debuting on 20th December in stores across the globe. The 4s improved on the cushioning over previous editions of the Kyrie sneaker line, while also improving traction and grip.

Let's count down to SK's picks among the 5 best colourways of the Kyrie Irving Shoes:

#5 Kyrie 4 'Spyder'

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four

With a black/purple colourway that is littered with splashes of white paint all along the shoe, this version of the Kyrie 4 is a sight to behold. While the sole itself is blue, and is set up with a high-rising blue sole that merges with the cushion at 3 different points at the outside, the trademark Nike swoosh is coloured in purple. The swoosh itself is featured on both the inside as well as the outside of the shoes.

The Kyrie 4 'Spyder' colourways were worn by rookie Jayson Tatum in game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals at the Quicken Loans Arena, home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The rookie will also be featured in the upcoming slides, having sported Kyrie Irving Shoes at various points of the season.

#4 Kyrie 4 'Confetti' multicolour

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Kyrie Irving's ball-handling skill is something way out of the ordinary for even the average NBA player to get a grip of while defending him one-on-one. As if that weren't enough trouble for him already, barely a glance at these remarkably pleasantly coloured kicks would be even more off-putting for him.

The 'Confetti' colourway was one of the most awaited among all Kyrie Irving Shoes releases last December. The left boot is predominantly purple in colour with a blue tick, while the right boot is coloured in lemon green with a pink rear section on the inside. The 'Confetti' colourway contains a reference to the All-Seeing Eye, as we reported earlier this season.

#3 Kyrie 4 'Red Carpet'

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Nike takes great care of sneakerheads faithful to the brand, and in one of the more unconventional shoe releases of the year, they made the Kyre 4 'Red Carpet' colourways available only to select users of their Nike SNKRS app in their May release. The message that needs to be sent is a string of four emojis—a basketball, fire, clapper, and skeleton key. After sending the correct code, the customer receives a link that showcases the Red Carpets in all their glory through AR.

Gold accents can be seen on the Kyrie logo on the tongue and Swoosh branding. Another unique touch is the red velvet sockliner to mimic velvet ropes seen on a red carpet. There is currently no word on how limited the quantities are, or how long Nike will be running this special release procedure. There's no denying, however, that these kicks are straight fire.

#2 Kyrie 4 'Equality'

Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors

The Kyrie 4 'Equality' colourways were unveiled by the 5-time All-Star in one of the marquee matchups of the regular season, as the Celtics visited the Oracle Arena with Kyrie facing off against 2-time MVP Stephen Curry. The pair combined for 86 points in the game, and were as unguardable as any player on the night.

Kyrie's kicks game certainly matched the excellence the point guard displayed on the night. Released in January for the Black History month, the 'Equality' colourways are plain white in colour with 'Equality' scribbled across the shoes. The right boot has a Celtics green sole, while the left boot is red in colour. The swoosh itself is black, giving this version of Kyrie Irving shoes a quiet brilliance of their own.

#1 Kyrie 4 'Wheaties'

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers - Game FourTatum debuted the 'Wheaties' against the Sixers in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semis

The most-awaited and the most smashing of all Kyrie 4 releases are the 'Wheaties', which will be featured prominently on Kyrie's upcoming movie Uncle Drew. Uncle Drew releases on the 29th of June, but Nike have already shown off these bold orange sneakers with white cushioning in the playoffs when Jayson Tatum wore these colourways in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 'Wheaties' are super limited edition, with only 100 of these beauties set to be released on the open market. The sneakers' colors are inspired from the cereal box of the same name, with a bright orange upper accented with white branding and blue borders. Down low, the outsole combines brown gum with white splashes, presumably to mimic the look of cereal and milk.

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