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Is Lebron James an Illuminati member ?

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Lebron James over the years with some of his publicized actions has made many wonder if he is a member of the Illuminati. As we all know, Illuminati is a secret organisation founded thousands of years ago to oppose superstition and unwanted religious beliefs.

Here is a brief description about The Illuminati and their existence.

Brief: The Illuminati

  • More popularly known as ‘The Illuminati ‘, it is a secret organisation that was founded thousands of year back. The group was formed to oppose superstition and unwanted religious beliefs.
  • It actually started when people questioned the strict behaviour of Church toward scientific findings. These findings were treated as antagonistic elements by the Church and hence a secret society was formed. It upheld the actual scientific findings and was against the use of abusive power by the Church.
  • In the modern world there are many organisations who claim themselves as the REAL Illuminati but nothing has been declared as official and hence their establishment continues to be in secrecy.

Illuminati have no direct relation with money, it actually tries to overthrow evil and create its own power of substance

So is Lebron James a member of Illuminati?

The Miami Heat forward won the title in 2012 and immediately there were some Illuminati conspiracy theories. His close friendship with Jay-Z is well known, which is one more reason to link him with that secret group since Jay-Z himself is speculated to be a part of it.

Lebron James Illuminati

Lebron James and his Illuminati sign?


He once took to Instagram to post a picture of himself at a nightclub wearing a shirt with a number of triangles placed inside of them.  Since success, money and fame are considered to be requirements for an Illuminati member, Lebron was immediately speculated to be a part of that group. One set of fans were discussing that no more proof was needed to prove his allegiance with them, and the other set of fans merely dismissed the suggestions.

Instagram image with Illuminati shirt

The instagram picture that invited a lot of controversy.

His shirt number was previously 23, but then changed to 6 after a while. 666 is considered as an Illuminati sign. Also at the end of every national anthem sung during a Caveliers game, one can see him pointing to the air, throwing the Roc-A-Fella diamond and also the ’3sixes’ hand gesture.

There are also a couple of video compilations where people try to prove his connection with the Illuminati.

Some people feel that those hand gestures are just a form of a prayer since he looks at the sky most of the time. But others argue back saying that no religion uses such hand gestures and it’s completely related to the Illuminati. But one thing that everybody can be sure is that we will never get to the bottom of this and these are all just mere speculations.

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