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Is Kobe Bryant a member of the Illuminati?

Kobe Bryant Illuminati symbol

Kobe Bryant showing the Illuminati symbol

There has been a speculation for quite sometime now regarding Kobe Bryant being a member of the Illuminati.

What is Illuminati?

It is a secret organisation that was founded thousands of years back. The group was formed to oppose superstition and unwanted religious beliefs. It actually started when people questioned the strict behaviour of the Church towards scientific findings. These findings were treated as antagonistic by the Church and hence a secret society was formed.

It upheld the actual scientific findings and was against the use of abusive power by the Church. In the modern world there are many organisations who claim themselves as the REAL Illuminati but nothing has been declared as official and hence their establishment continues to be in secrecy.

They have no direct relation with money, it actually tries to overthrow evil and create its own power of substance.

Kobe’s connection

People have often referred to his 81 point game as an example. In 2006, he registered one of the most amazing performances one would ever see by piling 81 points. It came in under 42 minutes of on court time and stands only behind Wilt Chamberlain’s legendary 100 point game.

The number 666 is usually considered to be the Illuminati sign, and coincidentally that particular game was Kobe’s 666th game. It is believed that there are 13 Illuminati bloodlines and Kobe has a connection with that number. He was the 13th pick in the 1996 draft and his landmark 666th game was the 13th time he scored 40 points or more.

Kobe’s shirt number was 8, but now its 24 (2+4=6).

There is also a video which shows you exactly why Kobe Bryant and Lebron James might be members of the Illuminati.


Also there was a Nike ad released a couple of years ago which gave glimpses of why he could be a member of the Illuminati. In that ad you can spot rapper Kanye West who has always been speculated to be a member of the Illuminati. The video opens with Kobe striking a Christ like pose and then proceeding to give a star studded audience a motivational speech about achieving success. You can also spot a few symbols in the video which are usually related to this secret group. Some of his other Nike commercials last for exactly 33 seconds, a number revered in Freemasonry.


These things necessarily don’t mean that he has to be a member of the Illuminati. May be Kobe’s inspiration is director Spike Lee who is also known to be making such hand gestures. They could very well be just coincidental and the signs could also be just style statements, but they have certainly kept the speculation alive.  Kobe Bryant’s  Illuminati  membership can never be confirmed .

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