Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart: Have the 2021 champions done enough in the offseason to challenge for another title? 

Milwaukee Bucks Victory Parade & Rally
Milwaukee Bucks Victory Parade & Rally
Adam Taylor

The Milwaukee Bucks are the 2021 NBA Champions; after several years of falling short and rebuilding around Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, they finally found the winning formula.

Adding Jrue Holiday gave the Milwaukee Bucks another ball-handler and, more importantly, instilled a defensive edge that had been missing in previous years. The shrewd signing of Bryn Forbes gave the team much-needed spacing (something which Holiday's acquisition also helped with), and then taking a flyer on Bobby Portis turned out to be a masterstroke.

A mid-season pick-up of PJ Tucker was the final feather in the Milwaukee Bucks cap, giving them even more bite on defense and a reliable corner-three option. We know how the rest plays out.

But then came the 2021-22 NBA off-season, and with it, the champions began to tinker with their roster; after all, the NBA isn't a league where one can rest on their laurels.

Out went Bryn Forbes and his 63.1 true shooting percentage, and in came Grayson Allen to add some more size to the backcourt rotation. PJ Tucker was next out the door after a successful six-month stint with the team and George Hill arrived in Deer Country.

Of course, the Milwaukee Bucks found time to extend Bobby Portis during their slight reshuffle. After all, he was arguably their most impactful bench piece during a championship season, and you don't just let those types of players walk away.

So, with these minor changes, is it fair to ask how the Milwaukee Bucks are positioned to challenge for a second championship in as many years? It all starts with understanding their moves.

Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart: Have the 2021 champions done enough in the offseason to challenge for another title: Grayson Allen

Memphis Grizzlies v Utah Jazz
Memphis Grizzlies v Utah Jazz

It's hard to argue against Grayson Allen being an upgrade for the Milwaukee Bucks. At 6'4'', he adds additional size to the back court rotation and offers a more versatile game than Forbes.

Sure, Forbes is a better shooter, and that's apparent to everyone, but as we saw in the playoffs, sharpshooters with limited skillsets quickly lose their value when important games roll around. Allen has a deeper bag; he's far more competent on defense, can handle the rock a little, and ended last season with a 58.6 true shooting percentage.

While Forbes has a touch of playmaking to his game, he doesn't project to ever develop Allen's feel for reacting to a defense or the ability to attack the rim the way Allen does. When watching the former Memphis Grizzlies guard's tape, it's surprising how athletic Allen is, especially when exploding to the rim. Sure, Allen isn't an elite athlete in NBA terms, but he possesses a sneaky bounce that consistently catches the defense off guard.

Forbes' lack of an interior game (only 34% of his offense came inside the three-point line last season) made it easy for opposing defenses to run him off his spots and force a tough decision. Allen will be able to react to that type of defense and keep the offense ticking over as a result.

Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart: Have the 2021 champions done enough in the offseason to challenge for another title: George Hill

Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks - Game Six
Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks - Game Six

Another addition to the backcourt who can make stuff happen on the interior. George Hill will provide the Milwaukee Bucks with a veteran presence off the bench, capable of creating his own offense or initiating sets for his teammates.

Like Allen, Hill can hurt teams across multiple levels and will look to pressure the rim as much as possible. However, the Milwaukee Bucks have been smart in their signings, as neither Hill nor Allen will rely on their interior game, meaning the Bucks get rim pressure without sacrificing their spacing; or at least that's the hope.

Hill's shot profile from last season shows that he likes to work in the mid-range area but is capable of hurting teams from deep, as evidenced by his 41% three-point shooting per Cleaning The Glass.

The Milwaukee Bucks have solidified their bench backcourt pairing, ensuring that additional scoring, playmaking, and defending are all being added without sacrificing the main component of their offense. Hill is no stranger to Milwaukee, having some time with the team from 2018-19 to 2020, so hopefully, he will quickly reacclimate himself. You have to call this move a win.

Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart: Have the 2021 champions done enough in the offseason to challenge for another title?

The loss of PJ Tucker will hit the team hard on the defensive end, but they have been a robust defensive unit without Tucker in recent seasons. Re-signing Bobby Portis was a smart move by the Milwaukee Bucks, and one would assume he will be stepping into a slightly larger role this season following his success last year.

The Milwaukee Bucks obviously favored additional shot creation and defensive length during the off-season and did a fantastic job in pinpointing two guys who could do that for them.

Furthermore, the core three guys remain the same, as does most of the supporting cast. Obviously, the Brooklyn Nets will be a big swing factor in any championship aspirations the Milwaukee Bucks currently have. Both teams will be relying on their health to see them through an almost inevitable post-season battle.

The Milwaukee Bucks are undoubtedly championship contenders this season, and their shrewd off-season acquisitions have only strengthened an already impressive rotation. All that's left is to see how the new players integrate into the Milwaukee Bucks' "embrace the randomness" brand of offense.

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