NBA 2K22: Best Point Guard Builds

Stephen Curry as seen in NBA 2K21 [Source: Forbes]
Stephen Curry as seen in NBA 2K21 [Source: Forbes]
Kunal Sethi

NBA 2K22 is out and everyone is rushing to build their own version of an unstoppable demigod. Point guards are the biggest stars in the NBA today as quicker and volume shooting guards have taken over from traditional big men. 6 of the 15 All-NBA players in 2021 were point guards, whereas seven of the 15 All-NBA players in 2020 were point guards.

Some of the biggest contracts go to point guards now, and every gamer who turns on MyPlayer Builder in NBA 2K22 eventually itches to build a high-scoring point guard.

Which is the best point guard build in NBA 2K22?

Not all point guards are the same and everyone has a different definition and application of a point guard. Magic Johnson, who is regarded by many as the greatest point guard of all time, is a 6-foot-9 beast who defended, led the league in steals and assists. On the other hand, Stephen Curry, who is regarded by many as the second-best point guard right behind the Magic, is a 6-foot-3 wiry player who can shoot lights out and hasn't led the league in assists even once.

It depends on what kind of point guard you find ideal and you can accordingly build your player. In this article, we take a look at three builds that will be excellent for a point guard in NBA 2K22.

Note: The skill breakdown and physical profiles are pie charts in NBA 2K22 and the % figures mentioned are not exact values but just rough numbers to give you an idea which pie chart to choose.

Note: Badges can vary as you change and select your attributes.

#3 Two-way Playmaker

Russell Westbrook with the Washington Wizards
Russell Westbrook with the Washington Wizards

A two-way playmaker will require you to choose the 'Playmaking' and 'Defense' attributes over the rest. It will help you get steals and be a slashing finisher.

Skill Breakdown: 36% Playmaking, 36% Defense, 14% Finishing, 14% Shooting

Physical Profile: High Agility, Medium Vertical, Low Strength

Player Creation: Body Type - Solid, Height - 6'5", Weight- 195 lbs, Wingspan - 80"

Takeover: Playmaker

To set your potential with this build in NBA 2K22, you'll need to max out your first three finishing attributes - Close Shot, Driving Layup and Dunk and you don't need great ratings on your Post Hook or Standing Dunk.

Your shooting attributes in this build in NBA 2K22 aren't going to be rated high in potential and will be around the 60s so you can max them out except the post fade. Playmaking Attributes should be maxed out except Post Control.

For Defense/Rebounding, you should max out every attribute that is suitable for a point guard such as Lateral Quickness, Steals, and Perimeter Defense. You can choose to max out either the Defensive Rebound or any of the playmaking attributes. If you have any Attribute Upgrades remaining, you can spread them out according to your player.

Badges: For this build, you'll get 57 Badge Upgrades in NBA 2K22 - 21 in Playmaking, 17 in Defense/Rebounding, 9 in Finishing and 10 in Shooting. You can choose HOF badges in Playmaking such as Ankle Breaker and Quick First Step along with Defense/Rebounding badges such as Clamps and Pick Pocket.

Shades of: Kevin Johnson, LaMelo Ball

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