NBA 2K23 Secret Build: How to make Chris Paul ‘The Point God’ secret build?

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Chris Paul has his own build in NBA 2K23.

One of the most gifted players of his generation, Phoenix Suns’ Chris Paul has been given his own secret build in NBA 2K23.

Secret builds are inbuilt specifications that can be unlocked by feeding the right statistics in the MyPlayer customizer option in NBA 2K23. A number of popular current and former players have been given their own secret builds in NBA 2K23. These include a number of legends such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Gilbert Arenas, and a number of other past greats.

Some current players have also received their own secret builds. Chris Paul’s secret build is known as “Point God,” and the following article deals with all the information required to create it.

How to create the Chris Paul secret build in NBA 2K23?

Again, there are a range of physical attributes that need to be accurately fed in. NBA 2K does not allow any deviation with respect to various physical attributes such as height, weight, jersey number and playing position of the player.

With a height of 6 feet and a wingspan of 6 4”, Chris Paul comes at a weight of 175 lbs, has the #3 jersey number and the default position needs to be selected as PG. Once that is done, the player statistics can include a deviation of 1-3 points with respect to individual fields. Of course, if the secret build is not unlocked even after only a 1-3 point deviation, gamers might need to reduce the deviation and the secret build should be unlocked.

Of course, each secret build comes with a range of rewards, which includes various clothes and accessories as well. Simply following the above steps and ensuring that the player's statistics are fed in correctly should be enough for gamers to unlock the secret build. Chris Paul, considered to be one of the best passers and mid-range shooters of his generation, represents a solid addition to any dream team and gamers might be left surprised with his overall impact in NBA 2K23.

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