NBA 2K23: How to get endorsements in The City?

NBA 2K23 was released on September 9th.
NBA 2K23 was released on September 9th.

There are several methods in NBA 2K23's 'MyCAREER' mode for fans to improve their MyPlayer. Endorsements are a key component.

Deals for sponsorships and endorsements, which are common in 2K23, allow players to promote businesses. If players want sponsorship agreements and other opportunities, they must develop their own off-court brand recognition. The more games people watch after securing endorsement deals, the more chances they'll have to increase VC (Virtual Currency).

Let's go over the conditions NBA 2K23 has set for top brands as well as the specifics on how to unlock endorsements in 'The City'.

How to get Endorsements in NBA 2K23

No NBA 2K23 'MyCareer' players will be allowed to sign sponsorship deals at the beginning. Players must build their identity and get followers because the 'career mode' has just begun. A number of early core tasks must be completed by players in order to get access to 'Endorsements' in 'The City'. To begin the main missions and challenges in 'The City', be sure to finish 'Welcome to the League' first.

Players will be on track for 'It's a Cole World'. The goal here is to win the 'Music District', 'Courting Calloway', and 'Fashion District' after completing the tasks. Players can also unlock 'Not Your Father's Hot Dogs', the first in a series of quests leading up to 'Endorsements' that include 'Uncle Bobby's World'.

After completing 'Uncle Bobby's World', you will unlock the 'Going National' quest and gain access to all the core 'Endorsements' in NBA 2K23 'MyCAREER'. A handful of magazine covers and a few other endorsements will be severed from this questline.

Players must acquire contracts with a major beverage company, get a shoe deal, and agree to a national-level sponsorship in order to complete the 'Going National' quest.

The 'national level' target could be the simplest because it appears that most, if not all, of these possibilities will be suitable. The other two might require more effort depending on how your 'MyCAREER' is developing. Each of them requires a specific number of fans, that are acquired through completing objectives and winning NBA 2K23 games.

Players also require two distinct brand levels at a particular rating. This may be improved through missions, court gaming, conversation options, and fashion walks. It's advisable to concentrate on just one of the shoe deals at first because players can only sign one at a time and they last for more than a dozen games.

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