NBA 2K23: How to do fashion walks in The City?

NBA 2K23 fashion walks are easy to perform.
NBA 2K23 fashion walks are easy to perform.

NBA 2K23 has done more than enough to be regarded as the best game ever released as part of the series.

The game has a plethora of new features, Easter eggs and challenges that gamers can engage in. Quite a few of the challenges especially related to the MyCareer mode do not even deal with basketball. These activities are meant to improve the player’s brand value in the game and also help gain familiarity with the map itself.

These activities obviously do little to improve the player’s stats or help with the basketball side of things being progressed. However, the extra rewards, the items that these activities unlock, and the overall brand boost gamers receive all help with other aspects of NBA 2K23. The following article looks at one such activity, that of doing fashion walks in The City.

NBA 2K23: How to do Fashion Walks?

Fashion Walks themselves will not give any extra rewards to NBA 2K23 gamers. However, they will receive various brand boosts that will be affected on the basis of the clothes and accessories that they sport while performing the walks. These kinds of brand boosts can be controlled by the kind of clothes/accessories the players wear. This can be checked by going to the Appearance option in the MyPlayer menu.

The received boosts will be related to the kind of clothes and brands that players sport during these fashion walks. Moving on, gamers can also control the style of their walks themselves by going to the Runway Animations menu in the MyPlayer menu. Performing the walks themselves is straightforward enough, and requires gamers to travel to the Fashion Runway location.

The location is in the Northwestern part of the map, near the Wildcats affiliation home site. Gamers can simply travel to the location, and engage with the option to perform the Fashion Walk. The rewards are sent directly to the player inbox!

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