How to unlock NBA 2K23 College Flashback games?

NBA 2K23 was released on September 9th.
NBA 2K23 was released on September 9th.

NBA 2K23 is here with a bang, and it has a number of interesting new features and Easter eggs.

The MyTeam and MyCareer modes have received a plethora of new updates that have made the game increasingly engaging. Gamers have the option of choosing specific eras to start their careers in the MyCareer mode. Non-basketball activities are also available to engage with that all tie up to overall game progress.

The NBA 2K23 College Flashback game in the MyCareer mode is nothing but a flashback to what the player gets during the rookie year in the league. Gamers have the option of playing the game, the implications of which are felt by the players themselves. The following article looks at the procedures needed to follow in order to unlock this college flashback game in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 College Flashback game: How to unlock?

As gamers go ahead with their MyPlayer progress, a range of non-basketball challenges and activities also need to be completed in order to improve their game progress. The college flashback game is basically a quest that is unlocked and includes a flashback for the chosen build of the MyPlayer.

There are various prerequisite introductory challenges that need to be completed before the college flashback quest is unlocked. All these challenges are straightforward to complete and require gamers to go to various locations in The City.

These challenges need to be completed before the college flashback game is unlocked:

  1. ‘Uncle Bobby’s World’ quest
  2. ‘Courting Calloway’ quest
  3. It’s a Cole World’ quest
  4. Palace Intrigue’ quest

Once the Palace Intrigue quest is completed, it triggers the unlocking of the College Flashback quest. The completion of the flashback quest will help gamers acquire various College Leadership skills that will further improve their game progress. The “Palace Intrigue” quest in itself includes an interview that gamers need to travel to the One City Plaza for.

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