NBA 2K23 Current-gen College list: Which one to choose?

NBA 2K23 has a total of 12 college selections.
NBA 2K23 has a total of 12 college selections.

Like every year, NBA 2K23 has introduced a number of immersive changes to the MyCareer game mode.

Gamers have the option of traveling to specific time periods in order to start their careers in different eras of the NBA. The City itself has been reduced in size but the number of activities and challenges to engage in has significantly improved.

Gamers now need to focus on a plethora of off-court activities in order to improve themselves and get their careers back on track in the MyCareer mode. One of the most important aspects, especially in recent games, has been the college selection with respect to the MyPlayer.

In NBA 2K22, college selection mattered quite a bit with various different factors making one choice more suitable than the others. This article looks at all you need to know with respect to the college selection in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 College Selection in MyPlayer mode

Gamers who have already embarked on their journeys in the game will already know that college selections do not play a big role in the game. In both the current and next-gen versions of NBA 2K23, there are a total of 12 colleges to choose from. These include:

  • Florida Gators
  • UCLA Bruins
  • Villanova Wildcats
  • Oklahoma Sooners
  • Michigan State Spartans
  • North Carolina Tar Heels
  • Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • Syracuse Orange
  • Connecticut Huskies
  • Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • West Virginia Mountaineers
  • Georgetown Hoyas

As mentioned, choosing any of these colleges will make no difference to the player's progress, which is how it should be. The development of the player should not be dependent upon individual colleges. Regardless, on next-gen, there are five fewer badges than on current gen. For next-gen gamers, college selection only helps with respect to the College Leadership Skills and Leadership Badges.

Of course, NBA 2K22 has a far different system and gamers need to be much more careful with their college selections.

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