NBA 2K24 25 Days of 2K promo: All free rewards and how to redeem

A new free code is available for NBA 2K24 players to redeem (Image via 2K Games)
A new free code is available for NBA 2K24 players to redeem (Image via 2K Games)

The 25 Days of 2K event has started in NBA 2K24 as part of Season 3 offerings, and it provides an amazing opportunity for the community to get some cool rewards. This is also a celebration of 25 years of NBA 2K, and to mark the occasion, the publishers will be releasing new codes for 25 days.

So far, two codes have been made available that players can redeem. While the rewards from the codes so far might not be very valuable, they consist of unique cosmetics. Moreover, important resources and special cards of NBA superstars are also expected to be offered in the coming days.

The most important thing for the NBA 2K24 players will be to redeem the 25 Days of 2K event codes as soon as possible to avoid missing out on any freebies.

All NBA 2K24 25 Days of 2K event codes

As mentioned earlier, there are two 25 Days of 2K event codes that you can currently redeem. 2K Games will provide a new code daily over the next three weeks in the lead-up to Christmas.

Code 1: 25DAYS-2XP-COINS (December 1)

Code 2: NBA-2K3-CITY-5GEAR (December 2)

Code 3: MyTEAM-2XP-COIN (December 4)

Code 4: 25DAYS-2K-5-BOOST (December 5)

Code 5: DIAMOND-FOR-ALL (December 6)

Interestingly, December 2 also had a bonus offering for the community, as they received Double XP for playing in Pro-AM.

More codes will likely be released over the next few days. So far, all the codes have a 24-hour shelf-life, so players will have to be quick to redeem them in order to get the necessary rewards in their respective 2K accounts. While some of the rewards, like tonight's leg sleeve, are exclusive to the MyCareer modes, the first day's offering included the MyTeam mode as well.

How to redeem the NBA 2K24 25 Days of 2K event codes?

While most of the codes so far have had a short shelf-life, they can be redeemed quite easily.

  • Open the game and let it load.
  • In the MyTeam mode, go to Community Hub.
  • Find the Locker Codes section in the Community Hub. This is where you can enter all the codes to get the rewards.
  • Note down the code and input it in the text box.
  • Press confirm to redeem the code.
  • All the reward items will then be available in your relevant inbox.

Note that this code can be redeemed only once per 2K account. This is something worth keeping in mind if you play using the same 2K account on different platforms.

So far, the NBA 2K24 25 Days of 2K event rewards have included basic resources and cosmetics. It will be interesting to find out if an NBA athlete's special card will be offered in the future.

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