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NBA: Is LeBron's legacy in jeopardy?

Sam Aletan
287   //    07 Nov 2018, 20:25 IST

LeBron in the purple and gold
LeBron in the purple and gold

Before the season started, many people believed that LeBron James' move to LA would benefit both sides. The Lakers would be restored to glory and LeBron could cement his and look towards a successful career after basketball. The Lakers fanbase did not care about the previous seasons, all they cared about was the best player on the planet bringing back Showtime.

But a few weeks into the season, many fans have already lost hope. The Lakers aren't even a top 10 team in the West and they have more losses than wins. LeBron is a factor in this because of the fact that Lakers are outscored by 31 points when he's on the court.

Lots of questions are popping up because of the Lakers slow start. Should the Lakers trade for another star? Will their season be a disappointment? Will the Lakers even make the playoffs?

We won't know the answers to those until later down the line. But for now, all eyes are on LeBron.

LeBron has been part of a lot of controversies during his time in the NBA from being the number one pick out of high school to leaving Cleveland to build the superteam in South Beach. Throughout his career, he has been compared to many greats, but none greater than Michael Jordan.

That LeBron vs Jordan debate has popped up a lot over the last couple of years. Many thought LeBron surpassed Jordan after he brought a title to Cleveland. But ever since that day this discussion has gained a new perspective (thanks to KD).

2018 NBA Finals
2018 NBA Finals

The Warriors have been the dominant force in the NBA led by stars like Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. LeBron has tried in back-to-back Finals to top these Warriors and failed both times. Staying in Cleveland would not help his legacy so LeBron believed it was best if he went to Los Angeles.

He couldn't get it done in Cleveland and it seems like Los Angeles is no different. People are going to remember these things when they look back on his career and compare to Jordan, who went 6-0 in the Finals. So, is LeBron's legacy in jeopardy?



LeBron has cemented his legacy as one of the greatest athletes of our generation. He has left an impact on the game that will never be forgotten. On the court, he's a spectacular player who can do it all. Off the court, he's a leader to all and will speak up to fight for what is right.

No matter what happens with the Lakers, LeBron will never be Michael Jordan because there's only one MJ. When this man retires, he won't be remembered because he played like Jordan. He'll be remembered for being LeBron James: a man who changed the game of basketball forever.