NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Teams who need to improve their roster before 2020-21 season starts

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets - Game Four
Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets - Game Four

The 2020-21 season is almost here and with several NBA Trade Rumors swirling around the league these days, there could be at least five teams that could still make a move soon. With the shakeup of the Houston Rockets’ roster, James Harden may or may not stay depending on what new general manager Rafael Stone does in the coming weeks

NBA Trade Rumors: Teams who should make a move in the next 2 weeks

Including the Rockets, there are five teams who should think about making a move prior to the start of next season, as they look to become more competitive.

With two weeks remaining, NBA trade rumors continue to make this one of the most intriguing offseasons in league history.

Here are five teams who have been the subject of recent NBA trade rumors and could make major moves before we the 2020-21 season tips off on 22nd December.

5. New York Knicks

Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks - Game One
Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks - Game One

It's no secret that the New York Knicks have struggled a lot in recent years. However, this offseason, the business they did was much smarter than previous years, and one way they get back into the 2020-21 NBA playoffs is my further improving their roster through a trade. RJ Barrett may be a superstar in the making but he still has a lot to learn and guidance from a veteran.

A trade sending Julius Randle and Alec Burks to the Orlando Magic for Nikola Vucevic should improve the Knicks’ rebounding and floor spacing. Vucevic has been linked to several NBA trade rumors the past few seasons but the Magic have yet to pull the trigger.

Vucevic should provide Barrett and point guard Dennis Smith a stable inside presence and he could be the missing piece in carrying the Knicks back to the postseason.

4. LA Clippers

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns
Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns

During the starting few days of the offseason, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reported that Kawhi Leonard was talking with the LA Clippers management to bring-in a point guard. With the disappointment of last season still fresh in everyone's mind, the Clippers hierarchy will do well to listen to their superstar.

One trade they could pursue is for Detroit Pistons’ Derrick Rose, who has rejuvenated his career in the Motor City. As Sportskeeda’s recently reported, 32-yearold Rose has already “been linked to several teams by NBA Trade Rumors, including the LA Clippers, LA Lakers, and the Golden State Warriors.”

The price for such a catch could be former Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams whose poor performance in the 2020 playoffs may have bought him his ticket out of LA.

3. Sacramento Kings

New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings
New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings

Buddy Hield is a name that has been linked to various NBA trade rumors and the Sacramento Kings would be wise to listen to the disgruntled guard.

He could be an excellent acquisition for the Indiana Pacers if they should decide to move Victor Oladipo. Other players will have to be included in the deal to make the trade work but the key components are the two guards.

Oladipo’s injury-riddled 2019-20 season has seen his star dwindle and he may be better off seeking a fresh start elsewhere. Hield, who split time with Bogdan Bogdanovic last season, wants out of Sacramento and Indiana could be a better fit for him.

2. Boston Celtics

Orlando Magic v Washington Wizards
Orlando Magic v Washington Wizards

The Boston Celtics have been on the verge of entering the NBA Finals the last couple of years but have struggled to get over the hump.

One player who could be on the move as per NBA trade rumors is Marcus Smart. The 26-year-olds defensive talents and improved scoring from last season make him a hot commodity.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge should look into a trade for Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon in exchange for Smart, Daniel Theis, and future draft picks.

The Celtics are in win-now mode and if Gordon, who has been the subject of multiple NBA trade rumors, were to be surrounded with players like Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum, the Magic star could be a difference-maker.

1. Houston Rockets

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks
Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks

John Wall and James Harden appear to be on the same page after the two had a conversation recently.

However, Harden missed his individual workout with the Houston Rockets and that is quite concerning. If the Rockets want their superstar to be happy, they have to find another player to complement him and Wall.

One player that the Rockets could target is Indiana Pacers’ Myles Turner.

Turner, an rim protector, doesn’t need the ball to be effective, giving Harden and Wall the freedom to bomb away on offense.

Most NBA trade rumors have James Harden being sent to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert and possibly a few picks, but a third team offering a star player may be necessary. A blockbuster deal of this magnitude could make one of the hottest NBA trade rumors a done deal.

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