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NBA Twitter rips the Memphis Grizzlies for losing by 61 POINTS!

Yash Matange

Marc Gasol has not been relevant this season and its not his fault.
Marc Gasol has not been relevant this season and it's not his fault.

Everybody knew the Memphis Grizzlies were bad, or at least that's what they have shown since as early as November. A lot it has got to do with injuries to their key players like Mike Conley and Chandler Parsons, whom they should not have signed in the first place given his injury history.

After a particular point in the season, they had to change their goals for the season from being relevant and making noise in the Playoffs to helping their young guys develop (this is also called often times called tanking - an attempt to lose games for a higher draft pick).

Nobody loses in the NBA on purpose but things did get a little clear when the team lost 19 straight games from Jan. 31 to Mar. 17. Being a small market, they escaped a lot of media attention, in the midst of the streak but what happened against the Charlotte Hornets tonight couldn't be pushed under the rug.

The team lost 61 POINTS, that's the sixth worst margin of defeat in NBA history. And in this age of social media, you can't expect to be excused from the trolls out there while setting such records. Here are the best tweets trolling the Grizzlies:

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