"100% Rajon Rondo": Dwight Howard teases NBA fans' with first star recruit for his Asian league

Dwight Howard teases NBA fans with news of NBA alum
Dwight Howard teases NBA fans with news of NBA alum's signing for his new basketball league

NBA vet Dwight Howard became a part-owner in a basketball league based in Asia earlier this summer. From the sounds of things, the 2020 NBA champ has already started recruiting NBA veterans, teasing fans on social media with news of his first signing. While Howard has yet to disclose who he has signed, he teased fans by saying the individual previously played on the 2020 LA Lakers.

2020 was not only the year that Dwight Howard was with the Lakers, but also the same year that the team defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Given that, the player in question is also a former teammate of Howard's.

The hint narrowed down the potential player pool given that in addition to being a former member of the LA Lakers, the player is also likely out of the NBA. From the sounds of things, fans have already begun to narrow down the list even further, with several names sticking out.

Rajon Rondo and Quinn Cook, were both immediately shouted out by fans as potential acquisitions for Howard. Others, however, suggested DeMarcus Cousins, who has been playing international basketball since parting ways with the NBA.

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Check out some of the reactions, and predictions, below:

Many fans predicted Rajon Rondo:

"100% Rajon Rondo" - @Theworldcinemaa (Twitter/X)
"Rondo?" - @TylerN_Realtor (Twitter/X)
"Rondo ? Buddy been mighty quiet lately" -@Native_Ace (Twitter/X)

Others predicted Quinn Cook:

"100% Quinn Cook" - @Outthewaytre (Twitter/X)
"Definitely Quinn Cook lmao" - @RadGuyEG (Twitter/X)
"most obvious quin cook pull ever" - @Ighsak (Twitter/X)

Others were torn on a prediction:

"Quinn Cook or Danny Green" - @PatSimon224 (Twitter/X)
"Quinn or Troy" - @NickOBrein21 (Twitter/X)
"Quinn cook or Dion waiters" - @Yo_Cal (Twitter/X)

Of course, Dwight Howard notably didn't reveal when he would be announcing which player from the 2020 Lakers would be joining the league.

Looking at what Quinn Cook and Rajon Rondo have been up to amid news of Dwight Howard signing former teammate to play in Asia

Fans seem to be confident that of the former members of the 2020 LA Lakers there are two who are most-likely to sign with Dwight Howard's league in Asia.

Looking at the predictions from fans, Quinn Cook seems to be the leading favorite to sign with Dwight Howard's league. The former NBA guard has been out of the NBA since the 2021-22 season following a seven-game stint with the Cavaliers for the 2020-21 season.

Back in May, Cook signed to play in Puerto Rico, meaning that if he's able to get out of his contract, a move to Dwight Howard's league could be a possibility.

In the case of Rajon Rondo, the two-time NBA champ found himself in some legal trouble earlier this year. The NBA vet was pulled over for erratic driving, before officers then searched his car and discovered a gun after the smell of marijuana gave them probable cause to search the vehicle.

Given that there was a no-contact order filed against Rondo in court prior, the gun wasn't legally owned. The guard is expected to go to trial later this year, meaning he likely won't be traveling out of the country to play basketball in the meantime.

Whether Cook, Rondo, or another member of the 2020 LA Lakers signs with Dwight Howard's league in Asia, only time will tell.

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