"All time cheap shot artist" - Skip Bayless criticizes Draymond Green's newfound broadcasting gig highlighting his altercations

Skip Bayless scathes Draymond Green
Skip Bayless scathes Draymond Green's newfound broadcasting gig (Image credit: Draymond Green and Skip Bayless' Instagram)

With the Golden State Warriors not in the playoffs, Draymond Green has spent the past few weeks helping cover the postseason on TNT. While some have enjoyed his work on TV, one longtime analyst spoke out against his newest opportunity.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Skip Bayless touched on Green being hired by a network despite still playing in the league. He feels the Warriors forward shouldn't be on TV due to his track record of dirty plays.

"Draymond Green is the all-time cheap shot artist," Bayless said. "Seriously, the dirtiest player ever is doing that? The most ejected player ever, at least in the time he's been in the league, is getting to do that? Really?"

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Like a handful of other current players, Green has started the early stages of a possible future career in broadcasting. Two years ago, he started his own podcast where he talks about everything in and around the NBA.

Alongside a trio of former players in Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, Green has provided a fresh insight into the game. He can also give added analysis considering he's played against the current players in the 2024 NBA Playoffs for years now.

Skip Bayless isn't the only analyst who isn't a fan of Draymond Green being on TV

For years, "Inside the NBA" has been a beloved show by fans because of the relationship the hosts have. TNT tried to do something new by adding Draymond Green in the mix, but the reception might not be what they were looking for.

Skip Bayless is not the only analyst who has spoken out against the former NBA champion being added to the panel. While on the "Bill Simmons Podcast," Ryen Russillo also touched on his thoughts on the decision. He feels Green's personality hasn't gone over well on the program.

"I can’t believe they’re putting Draymond on the broadcast during this time. He f***s it up,” Russillo said. “He doesn’t understand the difference between being funny and critical and just being f***ing mean.”

In his brief run in an extended media role, Draymond Green has already had to walk some comments back. During a recent broadcast, he issued an apology to Stephen A. Smith for things he said on Shaq's podcast a few days prior.

The situation started when Green opened up to Shaq about a conversation he and Stephen A. had following his second suspension. He admitted that he was mad at the longtime analyst for going with the narrative instead of sticking up for him as a person.

While on "Inside the NBA," Green decided to apologize to Stephen A. live on air. He claimed that he did not portray what he really wanted to say in the right way.

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