Andrew Wiggins injury update-Steve Kerr provides encouraging update about $109 million Warriors star

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors
Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors

The last time Golden State Warriors fans saw Andrew Wiggins play was on Feb. 13, when they played the Washington Wizards. The Warriors star suddenly disappeared after the game, initially without the team giving a reason. Reporters later discovered that Wiggins left the team to take care of with his family.

With the NBA playoffs commencing on Sunday, Warriors fans are wondering if Wiggins will finally return to the lineup. Coach Steve Kerr revealed that Wiggins is back on the court practicing with the team. Kerr said that despite his absence, he's still in basketball shape and is now conditioning himself for the upcoming first-round matchup against the Sacramento Kings.

However, Kerr didn't guarantee Wiggins' return on Saturday. Kerr said that the team will continue to observe Wiggins throughout their practices and will determine whether or not he's in any condition to play in Game 1.

Will the return of Andrew Wiggins help the Warriors beat the Kings?

Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings
Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings

Andrew Wiggins may no longer be one of the go-to guys, but no one can deny how helpful he has been for the Golden State Warriors. While he may not be a high-volume scorer like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, Wiggins still provides the team with solid shooting performances. The main highlight of his contributions to the team is his defense.

Ever since Wiggins united with the Warriors in 2019, he has provided the team with stellar defensive efforts. Some might even say that the forward is arguably the best defender on the squad today. While Golden State can still lean on Draymond Green to make some stops, the team undoubtedly needs the more active Andrew.

Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins have a five-year age gap, and the Warriors veteran is closing in on the sunset years of NBA players. If Wiggins is cleared to compete on Saturday against the Sacramento Kings, a lot of weight on Green's shoulders will definitely be relieved.

The big hurdle the Golden State Warriors have to overcome now is Andrew's court rust. Scrimmages and real games have completely different dynamics. He can look good all he wants in a scrimmage, but can he handle the pressure of a crucial playoff matchup, especially considering he's been gone for a couple of months?

Perhaps, coach Steve Kerr and the rest of the team can help Wiggins restore his game before Saturday.

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