"Awww hell naw" - Shaquille O'Neal's son Shareef can't believe what his NBA 2K21 character looks like

Shaquille O'Neal and his son in attendance
Shaquille O'Neal and his son in attendance

If you're the son of former NBA and Los Angeles Lakers superstar Shaquille O'Neal, chances are that everything you do will be magnified and scrutinized unlike ever before.

Shaquille O'Neal's son Shareef O'Neal recently took to Instagram to make his displeasure known about his face and his player character in the infamous NBA game 2K21. Shareef O'Neal said on his Instagram story:

"Awww hell naw re face scan meee."

The post contains a still of Shareef O'Neal from the game and it isn't an exaggeration to say that the person in the game looks nothing like him. Shareef O'Neal shared a photo of the account Slam University, who had uploaded photos of players like Shareef O'Neal and Kenneth Lofton Jr.

In the original post, Shareef O'Neal commented saying:

"Aww hell naw !! Who is that."

The game has come under serious criticism from players in the NBA community as they have all made it very well known about their unhappiness in terms of the way they are projected in the game.

Which was Shaquille O'Neal's best regular season?

Shaquille O'Neal for the Los Angeles Lakers
Shaquille O'Neal for the Los Angeles Lakers

Arguably the most dominant player to ever play the game, Shaquille O'Neal was a man amongst the boys in the NBA. Gifted with incredible size and girth, Shaquille O'Neal truly made his presence felt during his illustrious career spanning well over 15 years.

Shaq's best season of his career came during the 1999-2000 campaign for the Los Angeles Lakers. Having signed for the Lakers as a free agent a couple of years prior, the pressure was mounting on Shaq to take the franchise to the promised land. Shaquille O'Neal duly delivered and went on to three-peat with the LA-based franchise.

Diesel, as he is nicknamed, won everything there was to win during the 1999-2000 season. Shaquille O'Neal was named MVP, en route to winning his first ring and picking up his first of three Finals MVP awards. It was a truly dominant season from the most dominant player to grace the NBA.

The Lakers, led by Shaq, had the best record in the NBA, which read 67 wins and 15 losses. Shaquille O'Neal's best performance of the regular season came in a demolition of the Los Angeles Clippers where the big man dropped 61 points, and grabbed 23 rebounds while shooting the ball better than 68% from the field. In fact, Shaq recorded 40 or more points nine times during the regular season.

But the Lakers were hunting a championship and as great as Shaq was in the regular season, the playoffs were the stage the Lakers needed him to be at his best.

The NBA Playoffs saw the Los Angeles Lakers go up against the likes of the Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers in the NBA Finals. Shaquille O'Neal and the Lakers dispatched all these teams with relative ease barring Portland, as the Trail Blazers took the Lakers to seven games.

Shaq had five games in the playoffs where recorded at least 40 points. It was an incredible season for the franchise from one of the greatest players of all time. Turns out, it was just the start as Shaquille O'Neal and the Lakers would go on to create a dynasty.

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