"Ayesha Curry would’ve hugged him" - James Harden locking hands with Bradley Beal's partner has fans comparing her to other NBA wives

James Harden
James Harden's post-game interaction with Bradley Beal's wife draws attention

James Harden and the LA Clippers picked up a 131-122 win on the road against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. The Clippers have won four straight games, climbing up the Western Conference standings. After the game, Harden caught the attention of fans as he left the court and headed backstage.

In a video that has gone viral, the former MVP can be seen exiting the tunnel and emerging backstage on his way to the locker room. Immediately, he and a woman wearing an orange jumpsuit made eye contact, with Harden extending his hand for a high five.

The woman reciprocated, and the pair briefly locked hands before going their separate ways. While it's unclear what Harden said after, he appeared to turn around and glance back at the woman. The cameras caught the entire sequence.

The woman in question was identified as Phoenix Suns standout Bradley Beal's wife. Immediately, fans reacted, cracking jokes about the interaction and comparing Beal's wife to LeBron James and Stephen Curry's wives.

Looking at James Harden and the LA Clippers' win over Bradley Beal and the Phoenix Suns

The interaction backstage between James Harden and Bradley Beal's wife continues to capture the attention of fans. However, the focus has been the team's win. The LA Clippers' (21-12) turnaround this season from where the team was after trading for Harden has been impressive.

After acquiring Harden, the team lost six straight games, raising questions about their fit. While fans and analysts scrambled, the Clippers seemed unfazed.

As Paul George explained then, the team had too many elite players for things to fail. Based on the team's impressive turnaround since then, the former MVP candidate was correct.

The team has surged up the Western Conference standings. It went on a nine-game win streak to end 2023 before starting up another win streak. Thanks to its win over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, the team has won four straight games.

The win notably saw Kawhi Leonard and George combine for 63 points, with Leonard contributing 30 and George 33. In addition, Harden also posted a double-double, scoring 22 points while dishing out 11 assists, outscoring Beal by a single point.

With plenty of momentum behind them, the Clippers will look to keep their win streak alive when they play the New Orleans Pelicans on Jan. 5. Considering how competitive the Western Conference is, the team's upcoming three-game stretch against inter-conference teams will be pivotal.

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Edited by Abhimanyu Gupta