"Bro 1/300 on getting the words right" - NBA fans poke fun at LeBron James for fumbling lyrics on Gunna's track

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers
NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James has been a famous name beyond the court for his fun personality. NBA fans have laughed at his antics, whether for being cheap, his hard to believe 'facts,' or his infamous lip-syncs that go wrong more often than not.

In a video shared today, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar filmed himself singing (or trying to sing) a song from rapper Gunna.

His struggle to keep up with the track led fans to make fun of his rapping talents (or lack thereof) on X (formerly Twitter). One fan noted that LeBron is actually getting better considering how bad things used to be for the four-time NBA champions.

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"Bro 1/300 on getting the words right, he’s improving," one fan said.

More fans said the same, sharing their impressions of James' improvement while singing along to the song.

"He actually knows like 50% of the lyrics this time, I'm impressed," one fan said.
"Ngl Lebron know this his fav part in this song," another fan said.

Other fans admitted that even though LeBron James doesn't know the lyrics of the song, he's still having a good time listening to it.

"He don’t know the lyrics to anybody song…. He be vibing tho," one fan said.
"Bron be vibin," another one said.
"He using his hands to let us know he knows a few lyrics this time," one fan said.

LeBron James has earned a reputation for being a bad rapper. It's been years since he started recording himself in the car, vibing to songs that he couldn't sing properly.

It seems like he's made some progress leading up to this moment and fans are giving him credit for it.

LeBron James is reportedly open to leaving the Lakers this summer

On a serious note, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar's agent sounded the alarms over the weekend. Rich Paul of Klutch Sports claimed that James is a free agent and he's working to put him in the best possible situation moving forward.

“Look, LeBron’s a free agent. I gotta focus on his business and who should be paying about his business," Paul said during the broadcast of the Timberwolves-Mavericks game over the weekend.

LeBron James hasn't won a championship with the Lakers since the 2020 Disney bubble. The Purple and Gold were eliminated by the same rival, the Denver Nuggets, in the last two postseasons.

He's still capable of playing at a high level, but it remains to be seen where he'll play next season, especially when considering that Bronny James is set to be drafted into the league.

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