Chris Paul hilariously mocks Tony Brothers and Scott Foster with latest promotion for State Farm

Chris Paul hilariously mocks Tony Brothers and Scott Foster
Chris Paul hilariously mocks Tony Brothers and Scott Foster

Golden State Warriors guard Chris Paul was featured in another State Farm commercial. This time, the segment featured a lady calling the leak on her ceiling "foul." The keyword then prompted Paul and an NBA referee to pop up in an argument about the official making a bad foul call. It was a brief humorous encounter where basketball meets regular lives.

Chris Paul then reposted a picture of him in his latest ad with State Farm on Twitter. While his tweet was meant to promote the advertisement, Paul hit two birds with one stone with his caption having a double meaning.

Here's what Paul had to say on Twitter:

"No matter what call the ref makes, calling on @StateFarm is the right decision. #ad"

Despite being lowkey about his remarks on social media, basketball fans easily recognized that he was calling out NBA officials Tony Brothers and Scott Foster, who've both ejected "CP3" this season. Paul isn't the type to mince his words and is expressive enough to tell the referees how he feels.

In March of last year, during a game against the Indiana Pacers, Paul referred to the referee, Tony Brothers, as a TikToker. This led to Brothers giving Paul a technical foul. When Paul challenged Brothers' authority, "CP3" received a second technical foul and was ejected.

Something similar happened last November when the Golden State Warriors faced the Phoenix Suns, this time with Scott Foster as the official. Paul and Foster, having a lot of history with each other, got into a heated argument leading to the official calling a double technical on the veteran guard to get him ejected.

Chris Paul has legitimate beef with NBA official Scott Foster

Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns
Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns

The animosity between Scott Foster and Chris Paul dates back to Paul's early playoff appearances in 2008. During his time with the New Orleans Hornets, Paul advanced through the playoffs but faced defeat to the San Antonio Spurs in a pivotal Game 7, where Foster was officiating. The NBA official made questionable calls against the star guard, igniting their historic beef's start.

This tension persisted when Paul played for the OKC Thunder in the 2020 NBA Playoffs. In a series against the Houston Rockets, Paul's team lost in Game 7, with Foster once again officiating. Allegations surfaced when Foster seemingly referenced their previous encounter in 2008. It was Scott's subtle way of reminding "CP3" that he previously did him dirty in the past which had similar circumstances.

Before facing defeat in the 2020 NBA Playoffs, Chris Paul's former teammate James Harden called Scott Foster "rude and arrogant" and didn't want anything to do with the NBA official. Unfortunately, Foster was ultimately assigned to officiate their crucial Game 7 against OKC.

Prior to his stint in Oklahoma, Paul spent two seasons with the Houston Rockets, wherein he had a winless playoff record of 0-6 with Foster as the official.

Upon joining the Phoenix Suns, Paul faced Foster again in the 2021 playoffs against the LA Lakers. Although the Suns won the series in six games, a loss in Game 3 under Foster's officiation fueled further speculation.

While these instances may be perceived as coincidental, allegations persist. Despite the Suns reaching the 2021 NBA Finals, they fell short in six games, with Foster officiating Game 6.

The strained relationship between Scott Foster and Chris Paul appears unchanged, with Foster continuing to officiate games involving the Golden State Warriors guard poorly.

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