Did Steph Curry really go bald recently? Debunking the viral picture as fans couldn't hold their reactions

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers
Steph Curry has been sidelined for at least another week due to a leg/shin injury.

Steph Curry has been sidelined since Feb. 4 in a 119-113 win over the Dallas Mavericks due to a leg/shin injury. While recovering, he’s largely been around the Golden State Warriors, cheering for his team.

There is a photo of the two-time NBA MVP reportedly sporting a shaved head as he has gone bald. In tonight's game between the Warriors and the Houston Rockets, "Chef Curry" was on the bench in support of his teammates.

The video debunks the "bald" Curry rumors:

Steph Curry had that sleek, urbane look as he was dressed in a maroon shirt and black pants. He was dancing lightly on his feet, while head coach Steve Kerr was drawing up a play on the board.

Without Curry in action, some fans have been bored by the NBA action. The All-Star game was reportedly not as hot as it was last year when the reigning NBA Finals MVP was a headliner.

To keep fans from getting too bored, Buttcrack Sports came up with this:

Fans who have closely watched Steve Curry over the years will correctly guess that this was a photo shop. He didn't go bald in a span of three weeks.

Here's Curry against the Dallas Mavericks just before the "bald" photo came out:

There's not even a patch of missing hair on his head.

Most of the fans who saw the photo, though, couldn't hold themselves but made some hilarious comments.

"Ah man, Steph! It’ll never grow back the same."

One would put Steph Curry above Michael Jordan himself if the Warriors repeated while sporting a bald head:

"If he ever won a Chip with a baldie he'd be my undisputed GOAT"

The Golden State Warriors will need Steph Curry back, bald or not, to make a push for the playoffs

For the Golden State Warriors, bald or not, they need the NBA's deadliest shooter to be healthy as soon as possible.

After the win against the Rockets, where Klay Thompson exploded for 42 points, the Warriors are now 30-30. They are in solo 9th place but just one game behind the Dallas Mavericks (32-29) for the sixth spot and outright playoff berth.

The Golden State Warriors, however, are just 3-4 since Steph Curry's latest injury. They needed a scorching hot night from Klay Thompson to beat the Rockets, who own the worst record in the Western Conference.

Three of Golden State's last wins came against the OKC Thunder, Washington Wizards and the Rockets. Their four losses came against the the vastly-retooled LA Lakers twice, the LA Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers.

There's no doubt that they will struggle against elite teams from both conferences. Without their most important and most explosive weapon, the Warriors need to ramp up their defensive play. Draymond Green emphasized this need right before the All-Star break.

Over their last seven games, they've allowed opponents to score 119 points per game, which would be the second-worst in the NBA. For the season, they are at 118.3, which is 27th in the entire league.

If they can't stop opponents from scoring, they might as well have the firepower to go toe-to-toe against them. Hence, they badly need Steph Curry back in the lineup for the stretch run.

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