“Can I turn and yell, ‘F**k them?'” - Draymond Green believes fans should be allowed to do their thing if players can respond without their "pocketbook" being hit

2Draymond Green wants to talk trash to fans. (Image via Getty Images)
2Draymond Green wants to talk trash to fans. (Image via Getty Images)
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Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, despite winning a fourth championship earlier this month, has drawn criticism for his on-court behavior. Green is known for his dirty plays and trash talk. However, he had complaints about Boston Celtics fans during the NBA Finals.

On "The Daily Show," he told host Trevor Noah what he thinks about trash-talking between fans and players. Here's what he said about hecklers:

"You're kind of allowing them to do this and encouraging it in a way, because they know if I yell that to Draymond and he says that back to me, he's getting fined $25,000, he's getting fined $50,000. So, what I say to the commissioner (Adam Silver), 'No problem, that was fun, let them do their thing, but let me do my thing and don't hit my pocketbook.'"

The NBA Finals featured three games in Boston, and playing in front of those fans was a challenge for Green. Even so, the Warriors won two of those three games, including the last game in the series, Game 6.

Draymond Green wants fans to talk trash, but players should be able to respond

The NBA has policies, including ejections and bans, for unruly fans. These policies are often repeated during games through in-arena announcements. NBA players, however, are subject to fines.

Players are expected to stay professional and know they can be fined if they respond to fans in the same manner.


Green also talked about how he's changed his opinion regarding trash talk from the fans. The Warriors forward was against fans talking this way completely, but the series against the Celtics changed him.

"I used to feel like fans should be stopped from saying some of the things that they say. Then commissioner Silver comes out and says, 'Hey, those Boston fans were great,' as they're saying 'F*** you Draymond!' So I'm like, 'All right.'

The Warriors star said Silver is an amazing commissioner and one of the best CEOs in America. However, he did not agree with his statement regarding the Celtics fans.

Draymond Green against the Celtics fans

Playing in Boston can be difficult, and NBA players know it. After all, there is a reason why the Celtics had the second-best home record in the Eastern Conference this season.

Celtics fans may have crossed the line in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The TD Garden crowd chanted "F*** you, Draymond," upsetting the four-time NBA champion.


At the end of the game, Steve Kerr, Green and Klay Thompson complained about the Boston crowd.

When the series was concluded, however, Green prevailed and won another championship ring in front of the fans who wanted to see him lose.

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