“Enough advice from coaches without championship pedigree” - Lakers fans admonish George Karl ensuing LeBron James uncalled-for critique 

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four
Lakers fans admonish George Karl ensuing LeBron James uncalled-for critique

LeBron James and Anthony Davis found themselves at the receiving end of former NBA coach George Karl. The Hall of Famer tweeted to share his thoughts on the LA Lakers coach hunt.

He tweeted "free advice" for the front office, which was not well received by fans, who lambasted the four-time NBA All-Star coach for his two cents. Karl reckons the Lakers must not consider the team's superstars as their vital cogs in their quest for a sideline manager who could lead the team to another championship.

He tweeted:

"I’ll give the Lakers coaching search committee free advice today - LeBron isn’t a superstar anymore, and AD will never be one. Now be sure to use those Truths when evaluating candidates, and u might select someone u keep for longer than two szns!

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One fan minced no words while calling out the former Denver Nuggets coach.

"Lakers have gotten enough advise from coaches without championship pedigree. They do not want to regress any further."

More comments followed. @ocdan74 wrote:

"I like a lot of your takes, and I can't stand the Lakers. That said, this Tweet sounds bitter and it's not true. Kind of unnecessary."

@DStarkand added:

"Tired of constant media takes on the Cowboys and Lakers. Both organizations are barely relevant. They get so much coverage because they are highly valued with large fan bases. Not because they are championship-contending teams!!"

@EPDreamer kept it more blunt:

"Wanna know why they didn’t consult you? Because AD and Bron have more rings than you will ever dream to have. Pipe down loser."

@BritsyBob wrote:

"You need to sober up!!!!!"

@Yellow_Evan had a question:

"AD was never a superstar? God no wonder why you haven’t had a job in a decade."

A John Lithgow reference wasn't far off as @Artdemon323 tweeted:

"Nobody wants basketball advice from John Lithgow."

Speculation continues to revolve around the Lakers and former NBA sharpshooter J.J. Redick who is reportedly a frontrunner for the gig.

LA fired Darvin Ham after two seasons at the helm. Redick, who has a podcast with Lakers superstar LeBron James, is one of the candidates alongside Sam Cassell and James Borrego.

LeBron James' former Miami Heat teammate apprehensive about Lakers hiring JJ Redick as coach

LeBron James' former teammate and three-time NBA champion Udonis Haslem shared his thoughts on why JJ Redick would be a bad fit with the Lakers. Speaking to ESPN in an interview, he said:

"If it's JJ (Redick), it's gonna be a cynical locker room. You're gonna see guys that are gonna say, 'Is coach going to do a podcast after the game with LeBron?'
"You're gonna have a cynical locker room of guys that are gonna side-eye everything JJ says because they're gonna wonder, is it JJ's message or Lebron James' message?"

The advantages of hiring Redick as the coach are threefold, though. He would infuse new energy as a young coach to shepherd the Lakers well after the LeBron James era. He's also a technically astute analyst of the game and also shares a good bond with the Lakers superstar.

Only time will tell if he makes the cut as the new head coach for the decorated franchise.

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