"Exactly... drops mic": Anthony Edwards' pregnant girlfriend backs beau T'Wolves star’s claim to NBA's 'best player'

Jeanine Robel has the most honest reaction to Anthony Edwards
Jeanine Robel has the most honest reaction to Anthony Edwards' bold claims

Anthony Edwards has been phenomenal this season. Dubbed as one of the most talented young guards in the league, The "ANT Man" has made a big statement about himself this campaign.

Anthony answered questions during the NBA All-Star Game news conference. Confidently, Anthony Edwards labeled himself the best player in the NBA:

"The best player in the league right now? Me"

Jeanine Robel, his pregnant girlfriend, shared an Instagram post lauding him. Re-posting the same video on her Instagram story, Jeanine wrote:

"Exactly... drops mic"
Jeanine has the most honest reaction to Anthony Edwards' claim
Jeanine has the most honest reaction to Anthony Edwards' claim

Edwards' words hold water, as he is credited with leading the Minnesota Timberwolves to the best record in the West at 39-16.

NBA All-Star Anthony Edwards had a lovely Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend

Minnesota Timberwolves star Edwards celebrated Valentine's Day with his girlfriend, Jeanine Robel. The NBA All-Star presented her with a baby blue quilted lambskin handbag by Chanel, valued at $5,290 on Rebag.

Jeanine posted a video of the bag on Instagram and also showed the lovely setup prepared by Edwards to present the gift. The setup featured a large bouquet of red roses, elegant matte black Chanel packaging, and a heartfelt handwritten note expressing his love.

The couple is expecting a child in the coming weeks. Robel is a devoted supporter, frequently seen cheering for Edwards during Minnesota Timberwolves games.

Anthony Edwards and Jeanine Robel are often seen glamming up each other's posts on social media. Recently, Jeanine shared an adorable story on Valentine's Day. Robel posted a video on her story where they were seen vibing up to Rylo Rodriguez's song "Thang for You" in their car.

Anthony Edwards took a left-hand challenge for himself

Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards is embracing an unconventional challenge as he gears up for his second All-Star Game appearance. With a fearless and playful spirit, Edwards has announced his intention to exclusively utilize his left hand throughout the game, a stark departure from his usual right-handed dominance.

During a recent interview on ESPN, Edwards confidently declared:

"I'm just trying to use my left hand the whole game."

His lighthearted approach was further emphasized when he dismissed concerns about potential impacts on his field goal percentage with a humorous retort, stating:

"It's the All-Star Game. Ain't nobody cares about field goal percentage."

Edwards's decision to adopt a left-hand shooting strategy comes as no surprise, given his prior displays of skill and flair. He had already showcased his ambidextrous proficiency during a team shootaround, challenging teammate Mike Conley to a left-handed shooting contest.

Furthermore, following the Minnesota Timberwolves' victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, Edwards confidently declared his intent to attempt a left-handed trey during garbage time and emphasized:

"It's coming soon. You saw it right? It's cash."

As a promising young talent, Edwards's unconventional approach is an exciting addition to an already standout season, where he has excelled in points per game, assists, and 3-point shooting with remarkable consistency.

Despite his proficiency with his dominant hand this season, Edwards's determination to infuse his All-Star Game performance with left-hand theatrics is a poignant reminder of his unmatched creativity and versatility on the court.

Beyond his statistical achievements, Edwards has captured attention with daring feats such as self-lob dunks, banked 3-pointers, and even kissed free-throw attempts.

As he teases his upcoming left-handed trey attempts in a non-competitive scenario, the prospect of witnessing Edwards execute such audacious plays during the upcoming event intensifies the anticipation for what he may deliver on Sunday night.

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