Exclusive: NBA insider on what Ben Simmons needs to do to make an impact - "I literally need him to be Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump; I need him to 'Run Forrest Run'!", discusses his fresh start and playing style

"Scoop B" Robinson compares Ben Simmons' situation to Forrest Gump
"Scoop B" Robinson compares Ben Simmons' situation to Forrest Gump
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Ben Simmons finds himself in a rather complicated situation with the Brooklyn Nets. In conversation with Sportskeeda's Jeff Skversky, Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson offered some insight on what Simmons needs to do to make an impact. (Video drops soon)

Ben Simmons has been the center of a lot of speculation since last season. After a period filled with controversy with the Philadelphia 76ers, Simmons eventually ended up on the Brooklyn Nets.

Unfortunately, due to personal issues and recurring injuries, Simmons never suited up for the Nets.

"Scoop B" Robinson joined Sportskeeda's exclusive podcast, "Inside The Huddle," to shed light on this matter. With a specific reference to Simmons being in the Nets next season, he said:

"I believe that Ben Simmons, number one, has a chance to get a fresh start. I think, number two, if I can compare this to a movie, I will literally need him to be Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. I just need him to "Run Forrest Run!"
"I need him to run, play defense, and really be a playmaker. In that system, Ben Simmons is a perfect fit from a positionless basketball that the Nets kind of have in this situation. He is a 6'10"-6'11" point guard that, I think in this system, doesn't have to take jumpers and in my estimation is a James Harden lite."

While highlighting that Simmons takes lesser shots than Harden, Robinson also emphasized his ability to "thread the needle like Magic in his prime."

Making the suggestion that playing alongside fellow All-Stars would force Simmons to improve his performance, "Scoop B" Robinson concluded with:

"Someone within the Nets organization said that he was walking around like Jordan. Well, we need that confidence of Jordan to reveal itself very quickly in Brooklyn, if they do have those aspirations."
Nets players have been challenging Ben Simmons in practice and Simmons’ confidence is at ‘an all-time high,’ per @ScoopB “He walks around like he’s Jordan.”

You can watch the full segment with "Scoop B" Robinson here:


Heading into the new season, Simmons will face a brand new set of challenges. With superstar teammates Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving potentially heading out, Simmons may find himself as the lone superstar.

What can we expect from Ben Simmons next season?

Ben Simmons on the bench with Kevin Durant
Ben Simmons on the bench with Kevin Durant

Considering all the drama Ben Simmons left in his wake on the way out of Philadelphia, he unfortunately hasn't had the best start in Brooklyn.

Having sat out two crucial playoff games while in good health, Simmons hasn't done his reputation any favors. In this regard, the All-Star will find himself facing an uphill battle.

Nets are listing Ben Simmons as OUT for Game 4 vs. Celtics. A surprise as Simmons had been expected to play Monday as long as rehab was on course.

As "Scoop B" Robinson mentioned, the expectations placed upon Simmons are simple. Run, defend and make plays. As an offensive powerhouse, the Nets are loaded with players who can score at will. Simmons' job is merely to facilitate this and anchor the defense.

Ben Simmons passing >
Absolutely ridiculous defense from Ben Simmons

With the additional emphasis on Simmons' confidence being compared to Michael Jordan, Nets fans may have something to look forward to. Unfortunately, the situation is not as cut and dry.

As trade rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant continue to develop, the 25-year old could find himself in troubled waters. While having them stay on with Brooklyn remains the ideal outcome, the tumultuous situation could lead to further problems.

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