Fans troll Steph Curry over his new short hair look: “Looks like discount Drake”, “Just a walmart version of Carlos Boozer”

Brooklyn Nets v Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry

Steph Curry revealed a new look to the public as he attended the world premiere of his documentary "Stephen Curry: Underrated." After having made fans accustomed to his usual hairstyle, the Golden State Warriors guard donned a different one.

Whenever someone thinks of Curry, an image of him with thick brown hair usually pops up. It's almost close to being a small Afro. He's had that same hairstyle for as long as the Warriors had their dynasty.

Curry has styled his hair differently in some situations, but he always eventually gets back to his usual styling.

But the eight-time All-Star showed up at the premiere of his documentary looking different.

Short hair Steph is officially back!The league is now in serious trouble 😈

Steph was with his wife, Ayesha, as they posed for photos. The stark difference was the hairstyle on the two-time MVP as it made him look youthful.

Take a look for yourself.

He’s here! Steph Curry is in the building for the world premiere of his doc Stephen Curry: Underrated alongside wife Ayesha. #Sundance

Afterwards, fans couldn't help themselves and shared some hilarious reactions to Curry's new styling. Some said that he resembled a Grammy-winning hip-hop artist, while others just went off on his look. Here are some of the funniest reactions.

@NBAMemes just a walmart version of Carlos Boozer
@NBAMemes Looks like discount Drake
@NBAMemes nigga look like a barber
@NBAMemes Thought this was @ChrisEubankJr off first glance 🤣😭😭
@NBAMemes he look like he make hookah
@NBAMemes Bro looking like a vegan Hodgetwin I’m ngl
@NBAMemes looks like skinny dj khaled
@NBAMemes this was the peak curry hairstyle
@NBAMemes damn my boy look like uncle phil but he play ball not spending time at the pool hall lol
@NBAMemes Did yall add more facial hair? He looks retired 😂😂
@NBAMemes Oh shit! We got Chris Eubank Jr on the squad now! Must be buyout season..
@NBAMemes He looks goofy
@NBAMemes Dude look like he aged 10 years. Tough scene.
@NBAMemes Someone said Osama Bin Curry 😭
@NBAMemes Deron Williams has entered the chat.

Curry's hairstyle probably won't change the way he's been playing this season. He's averaging 29.2 points, 6.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Even after coming back from a labral injury, it seems like he hasn't lost a beat; he has been playing great basketball for the Golden State Warriors.

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Steph Curry wants to appear in a Black Panther movie

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

Marvel's "Black Panther" movie is one of the most well-received movies to come out recently. During the premiere of his documentary, Steph Curry shared his desire to appear in a Black Panther movie if director Ryan Coogler offers him a part.

Curry was asked jokingly about Black Panther, and he responded:

"Tell him to see if we can shoot it in the summer and see if he can find a nice role for me in that universe," Curry said.
"Absolutely, you put the pressure on and we'll see what he says."
Stephen Curry says he'd accept 'a nice role' in 'Black Panther 3' if director Ryan Coogler offered it…

Coogler is a producer in Curry's film. He was present at the premiere of the documentary with the All-Star guard.

Jay Williams has Curry over LeBron James as the MVP of the decade

The debate on which player is better is unending. Former NBA player Jay Williams recently argued against Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, saying that Steph Curry is the best player of the decade for how he's changed the way the sport is being played.

"Stephen Curry is a gravitational force on the basketball court. ... He has changed the geometry of how we see basketball," Williams said. "Now, when I drive by the park, I see kids shooting the ball from half court. I see a new wave ushered into the NBA."

Whether you choose LeBron James or Steph Curry, there's no denying the fact that Curry has turned things around with his 3-pointers.

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