Former NBA champ Glen Davis opens up on working in adult films amid stark criticism

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Former NBA champ Glen Davis opens up on working in adult films amid stark criticism

Glen Davis' recent post on Instagram has gotten him in hot water, as it was about his past work in the adult entertainment industry. He has been out of the NBA since after the 2014-15 season. He most recently played for the St. John's Edge of the National Basketball League of Canada.

In his Instagram post, Davis shared a couple of photos of himself in a p**nography set. The first image was Davis with two women in lingerie sitting at a massage table. The next one was "Big Baby" taking photos of another woman spreading her legs on a black couch.

"That one time I used to shoot p*rnos! I really used to like that job!!" Davis wrote.

Several of Glen Davis' fans were not happy and made it known in the comments section.

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They blasted Davis for joining the adult entertainment industry, with some calling it embarrassing. However, the one-time NBA champion clarified that he only directed adult films and didn't star in one.

The 38-year-old LSU product also shared a reel explaining that being a porn director was an experience for him and he needed to do it.

"Listen, everybody got so made about my p*rn," Davis said. "That was just an experience in my life, and I just posted it. As basketball players, we're kind of like low-key pornstars.
"I just wanted to see. I didn't f*ck those girls. I was just watching and admiring and getting good shots.

He added:

"I love film. I love production, and I wanted to try it out so I have that experience. I know how to shoot p*rn. I've seen what v*ginas look like. The inside of it. It's crazy."

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Glen Davis retired from basketball to start film career in 2016

Glen Davis last played in the NBA for the LA Clippers.
Glen Davis last played in the NBA for the LA Clippers.

Glen Davis was a free agent following the 2014-15 NBA season. He last played for the LA Clippers and remained a free agent before telling TMZ Sports in late 2016 that he was taking a break from basketball to focus on his film career.

"I'm gonna put basketball in a hole," Davis said. "I have some opportunities with some movies and things like that so directing and doing some stuff executive producing some stuff. Got a Pistol Pete (Maravich) movie coming out soon."

It's unclear what Pete Maravich movie Davis was talking about, but there have been no projects about him over the lasat few years. One thing Davis was saying true was his experience as an adult film director.

Here's another teaser he shot about a year ago:

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