"Gobert would ragdoll Bol" - NBA fans clown Gilbert Arenas' basketball IQ for calling Bol Bol as Suns' saving grace

Phoenix Suns v Minnesota Timberwolves
Fans react to Gilbert Arenas claiming Bol Bol could save the Suns' season

The first-round playoff series between the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves have been one-sided so far. The Wolves have taken over with a 2-0 lead, putting Phoenix in a tough position. Throughout all this, many are looking for a solution on how to defeat Minnesota.

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas has had his share of hot takes. But what he recently said about the series between Phoenix and Minnesota had fans puzzled. According to Arenas, Kevin Durant and Co. could get a chance to win at home if their reserve center Bol Bol plays in the series.

So far in this series, Bol has only been on the court twice. Both times are from the final minutes of Games 1 and 2. The center has not registered a point, but he's had three rebounds so far in the series.

"Right now, with the talent that's on the floor and you look at this b***h, there's only one guy who can actually change the outcome of this series," Gilbert Arenas said. "And that is Bol Bol. Because his skill level is unmatched."

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Fans who saw Arenas' take were perplexed and just had fun with what the former NBA star had to say. Here are some of what the fans said.

"Gobert would ragdoll Bol," one fan said.
"So true...Bol Bol could probably turn this 5 game series into a 4 game series," another fan said.
"Who gave him a mic in big 2024," one fan said.

There were a few fans who saw the logic in Arenas' take.

"I do think they should play him over Eubanks for tho lol," a fan said about Bol playing.
"Everyone knows this but Vogel," another fan believes Bol can change the series.
"I disagree but I don’t know why he’s not playing in this series. They could use the size," one fan said.

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Suns legend thinks the team is in trouble

The Suns suffered back-to-back losses in the first two games of the postseason. What stood out to most people is how the Wolves dominated the team on both ends, but it was more evident on the defensive end. With their season on the line, former franchise star Charles Barkley believes that the stars need to do something as the team is in trouble.

"My Suns are in trouble. They never addressed the point guard situation - they definitely needed a point, and they needed another big body," Barkley said on "Inside the NBA."

The series will continue in Phoenix where the team will try to protect their homecourt and prevent the Wolves from having a win on the road.

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