"He's in trade rumors for Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant" - NBA analyst highlights Boston Celtics' All-Star's positive reputation in the league

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three
Jaylen Brown guarding Kevin Durant

Jaylen Brown and Kevin Durant were linked together in trade talks between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets. Jalen Rose and David Jacoby offered an interesting narrative regarding Brown's value as a player on their podcast.

Jaylen Brown is a central figure in the Celtics' rotation. His value to the side as a leader and player has been spoken about several times as well. In this regard, the trade rumors linking him to other teams came as a shock to many basketball fans.

More so, the recent rumors involving him and Kevin Durant were particularly disheartening to the All-Star as he came off a Finals run with the side.

Speaking on this matter on "Jalen & Jacoby", Jalen Rose and David Jacoby offered an interesting way of perceiving the trade rumors surrounding Brown.

Rose started off by placing an emphasis upon Jaylen Brown's best qualities as a player. Considering the value he adds, Rose said:

"Always been a terrific defender. Always been a guy that you can rely on to be a leader. And so, when you have those qualities, other teams want you when you're his age."

David Jacoby followed up Rose's comments by adding:

"Yes, he is in trade rumors. But he's in trade rumors for Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant.When they’re taking about trading you for Kevin Durant, there’s a part of you that doesn’t feel good because you don’t want to be in trade rumors.
"But there a part that’s like ‘They’re talking about trading you for KEVIN DURANT!!'"

Rose and Jacoby offered a rather optimistic perspective on Brown's situation. Considering the players he has been linked to in trade rumors, the Celtics guard has certainly been considered a high-value asset.

Boston Celtics president Brad Stevens has also announced his excitement with the state of their team. However, the relationship between the franchise and the player may need mending.

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How important will Jaylen Brown be to the Boston Celtics going forward?

Jaylen Brown warms up before a game
Jaylen Brown warms up before a game

Jaylen Brown is practically essential to the Boston Celtics at this point in time. Although the youngster was linked to Durant in trades, the trade itself could have been detrimental to Boston's core in the long run.

Brown brings a lot to the table for the Boston Celtics. As Rose mentioned, his defensive chops and leadership are core traits that make him a valuable asset. Additionally, his ability to score has been held in high regard.

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However, there will be some issues to address going forward. Although Brown has displayed his value as a two-way player, his ball handling and playmaking are quite subpar. This will be an important aspect to work on as the guard hopes to reduce his turnovers while also allowing the offense to flow better.

Several criticisms regarding his pairing with Jayson Tatum have also been brought up. Having both players play off of each other would be ideal. How this comes about, however, is a matter of experimentation.

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