"I want a parade here in LA" - Rajon Rondo on his return to the LA Lakers

Rajon Rondo #9 speaks to the press
Rajon Rondo #9 speaks to the press

Rajon Rondo is looking forward to winning another NBA title with the LA Lakers after being away for a season.

Per Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, the four-time All-Star recently expressed his frustration about not having a parade following the Lakers’ 2020 championship win. This was due to citywide restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We didn’t get our parade coming off a great year and being a champion," Rondo said
"I want to do it again. I want a parade here in L.A. I think this is a special team that can possibly make that happen.”

A season after the LA Lakers won the title last year, the Milwaukee Bucks were able to celebrate on the streets with their fans. This is something that Rondo likely saw and wished he experienced with the Purple and Gold.

Rondo’s return to the LA Lakers comes after wholesale changes to the roster. Gone are many of his former teammates who contributed greatly to the 2020 title team, including Alex Caruso, Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Markieff Morris.

Among the prominent players who took their place are Russell Westbrook, the player he will back up next season, Carmelo Anthony, Malik Monk, Trevor Ariza and others.

Rajon Rondo pokes fun at LA Lakers age

Rajon Rondo signed on to play for the Atlanta Hawks, a young, up-and-coming team, in the offseason. He was traded to the LA Clippers at the trade deadline last season.

Following up on his earlier statement about the LA Lakers, Rajon Rondo joked about the fact that he isn’t an elder statesman on this team, unlike the last two teams he played for (per Scotto):

"I’m most excited about not being the oldest guy on the team anymore," Rondo said. "I’m actually probably bottom five now. That’s a big step for me going from two months ago. I was the oldest guy on a team. Now, I’m considered one of the young guys.”

Rondo may be joking, but he is absolutely right. At 35, he is younger than Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Marc Gasol, Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard. At this stage in their careers, the six players are closer to retirement than they are to their primes.

Rajon Rondo addresses critics

LeBron James #23 high-fives Rajon Rondo #9
LeBron James #23 high-fives Rajon Rondo #9

Finally, Rajon Rondo also addressed critics who are too concerned with the LA Lakers’ age (also per Scotto):

“I’m looking forward to the naysayers saying about our ages being a problem, but obviously, you don’t have longevity in this league without having discipline,” Rondo said.

The LA Lakers are the oldest team in the NBA heading into the 2021-22 season. They have plenty of experience, which is usually a plus, but this team’s age is quite a concern for some fans and critics.

Nevertheless, Rondo thinks he can win a title with this LA Lakers team. The only way to justify the team’s acquisition of multiple players age 33 and older is by having that parade next June, the one that Rondo is dreaming about.

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