"I want whatever Perk is on" - Fans outraged as Kendrick Perkins ranks LeBron 4th, omits Kobe from his clutch playoff players list

Fans outraged as Kendrick Perkins ranks LeBron 4th, omits Kobe from his clutch playoff players list
Fans outraged as Kendrick Perkins ranks LeBron 4th, omits Kobe from his clutch playoff players list

ESPN's Kendrick Perkins recently ranked the NBA's all-time most clutch playoff performers. While Perkins named several all-time greats, he omitted LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and placed Lakers superstar forward LeBron James unexpectedly low. His list sparked a harsh fan backlash, with many questioning his basketball knowledge.

Since his 2019 retirement from his 14-year NBA career, Perkins has become renowned for making outlandish hot takes. Based on fans' reactions, he continued that trend during Wednesday's edition of ESPN's "NBA Today."

Perkins unveiled his rankings titled the "Most Clutch Playoff Players of All-Time." Before doing so, the one-time NBA champion noted that "a lot of people may get in their feelings" but he "[does] not care."

He started by placing his former Boston Celtics teammate Paul Pierce fifth on his list, highlighting his knack for hitting game-winning shots.

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"Seven career buzzer beaters, tied with LeBron James, fourth most in NBA history, both in the regular season and in the postseason ... P was clutch," Perkins said.

James came in at No. 4, with Perkins highlighting his record number of playoff buzzer beaters.

"Five career buzzer beaters in the playoffs, two more than any other player in NBA history, seven buzzer beaters including the regular season," Perkins said. ".... LeBron is a killer in the clutch moments."

However, the big man's rankings took an unforeseen turn after that, with iconic role player Robert Horry placing third. Perkins attributed Horry's placement to being "the greatest role player of all time."

"Nobody comes close to Big Shot Rob, he did it with multiple organizations, [winning] seven championships," Perkins said.

The 39-year-old harkened back to the 1950s/60s for his No. 2 spot, choosing Celtics legend Bill Russell. While Russell was known as a defensive-minded player, Perkins cited his playoff dominance.

"He played in 10 Game 7s. You know how many he lost? None," Perkins said.

Finally, Perkins opted for a less controversial No. 1 pick, selecting Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, widely considered the league's GOAT.

"You talk about clutch, ... Nine career buzzer beaters, most in NBA history, two series-ending buzzer beaters, one of two players with multiple such shots in NBA history," Perkins said.

Despite Kendrick Perkins explaining all his picks, fans on X/Twitter were outraged, especially by Bryant's omission.

"I want whatever Perk is on," @LADEig said.
"Paul Pierce, LMAO, where is KOBE???" @life_cavs said.
"Perk has Pierce over Kobe, LOL," @j4300 said.

Meanwhile, many were confused why Perkins ranked James fourth despite acknowledging his postseason buzzer-beater record.

"LeBron literally has the most game winners in the playoffs, LMFAO," @ZARSZN said.
"So, LeBron has the most clutch buckets in playoff history but makes 4th place?" @ML7Italiano said.
"LeBron at 4 is crazy," @therickybobbie said.

Kendrick Perkins doubles down on clutch playoff player rankings after fan backlash

While Kendrick Perkins' clutch playoff performer rankings resulted in heavy backlash, as he expected, he appeared unfazed.

The big man took to X shortly after his list went viral to double down on his take. He noted that it was his opinion, telling fans to move on.

"It doesn’t matter if y'all agree because it’s 'my list.' Carry on," Perkins said.

So, despite the mainstream perception of both superstars, Kendrick Perkins seemingly sees no issues with snubbing Kobe Bryant or his low placement of LeBron James.

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