"If you want to make it real news let me know?" - NASCAR star Denny Hamlin on how he convinced Michael Jordan on a golf course to invest in 23XI Racing

Michael Jordan at NASCAR Cup Series Go Bowling at The Glen.
Michael Jordan at NASCAR Cup Series Go Bowling at The Glen.

NASCAR star Denny Hamlin has revealed how Michael Jordan became involved with NASCAR in 2020. The NBA legend became the co-owner of 23XI Racing with star stock car driver Hamlin. But how did Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA, end up investing in a NASCAR team?

In the second episode of "RACE: Bubba Wallace" on Netflix, Hamlin revealed how a fake news article led to Jordan buying his own team in NASCAR. The three-time Daytona 500 winner mentioned how he talked to Jordan at his golf course in Florida, and started making it a reality.

"I'll never forget, I was on the ninth hole of my home golf course, and I was like, 'Should I send Michael this article? Let me get his temperature here.' And I sent it to him, and he responded immediately, says 'Haha, obviously fake news, not real, but if you want to make it real news, let me know?'" Hamlin said.

23XI Racing has been co-owned by Jordan and Hamlin since its formation in September 2020, with the co-ownership originating from their chat in a golf course.

The team currently has two racers on their roster in Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch. In their first full season last year, 23XI Racing won Talladega, their first-ever win.

They have since signed Busch, while Wallace recently finished in second place at the Daytona 500. There are still 35 races left in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series. It should also be noted that Hamlin is sponsored by the Jordan Brand. It's the reason why Jordan and Hamlin know each other personally.

Michael Jordan almost missed the 2022 NBA All-Star Game due to Dayton 500

Michael Jordan at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game
Michael Jordan at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game

Some NBA fans were frustrated when Michael Jordan missed the pre-game photoshoot of the 75th Anniversary Team. They were expecting Jordan to not attend the ceremony after he was spotted in Florida on Saturday morning in support of his NASCAR team at the Daytona 500.

With Bubba Wallace finishing second in Daytona, there was a real chance Jordan would be absent for the NBA's biggest gathering of the season. However, Jordan came up clutch, just like he did during his playing days.

Jordan made it to the All-Star Game halft=ime ceremony at the last minute. As expected, Jordan was announced last as 'His Airness' was greeted by a raucous Cleveland crowd recognizing greatness. It was a rare sighting of Jordan outside a Hornets game.

Jordan interacted with several players and legends, creating a bunch of viral videos for fans. He had a moment with LeBron James, as the GOAT debate receded backstage breifly.

Jordan also posed for pictures with his UNC contemporaries, and had fun with young stars such as Luka Doncic and Karl-Anthony Towns.

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