Kendrick Perkins on finals rematch between Boston Celtics & Golden State Warriors: “They're getting back to Finals & they're winning the championship”

Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns
Boston Celtics All-Star forward Jaylen Brown

The Boston Celtics are the best team in the NBA right now, leading many to believe in their return to the finals this season. One of those believers is a former center of the organization, Kendrick Perkins, who explained why the Celtics will make it back to the finals and win it all.

The Celtics (21-5) have been fiery hot this season, only losing five games so far. Their play has been solid, making them favorites to come out of the Eastern Conference and avenge themselves from last season's finals loss. Depth has played an immense part in their success, and Perk is fully aware of it.

On ESPN's "NBA Today," Perkins was asked which team he thinks will make the trip back to the finals first, the Celtics or the Golden State Warriors. the former Celtics big man stayed true and loyal to the team that gave him a championship (2008) and had a decent explanation as to why Boston could win it all this year.

"It's the Celtics! It's not more likely, they're getting to the Finals, Malika (Andrews). They're getting to the Finals," Perkins said. "When you talk about the most complete team in basketball, that is them. And they're doing it at the highest level.
"They have two bona fide young superstars. They have the ultimate role players in Marcus Smart, Grant Williams along with Malcolm Brogdon, Derrick White. And they don't even have Robert Williams at the time."
"When you look at the Celtic team, there's no team in the league that's gonna beat them in a seven-game series if healthy, period. They're getting back to the Finals, and they're winning the championship."

The Celtics have been a problem, despite not having their starting center, and they're also one of the most stacked teams in the league.

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The depth of the Boston Celtics could be key to them winning the championship

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics

Before the start of the season, many were paying close attention to the LA Clippers for how they've constructed their squad. The depth they managed to build around their stars seemed perfect on paper. However, due to injuries to their star duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers have become underwhelming this season.

Now, all eyes are on the Boston Celtics as they've collected wins and made it clear that they are serious in trying to win the championship. Over the summer, they made key acquisitions that have helped them perform at a much better rate than last season.

The Boston Celtics officially have the 9th best defense in the NBA on the seasonA top 10 defense and Rob is about to come back

The major addition the Celtics made was when they traded for Malcolm Brogdon in exchange for Daniel Theis and Nik Stauskas. They addressed their point guard issues from the jump. Additionally, they made a move to sign Blake Griffin, who has played decently in his last few games and has taken over the starting center spot in some situations.

Boston visits the Golden State Warriors (13-13) on Saturday in a rematch of June's NBA Finals.

The Boston Celtics are— 1st in ORTG— 3rd in NETRTG— 1st in 3PM6 straight wins.

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