Kevin Durant shares Kobe Bryant’s advice to him reflecting his Mamba Mentality: "Really just don't be a crybaby"

Los Angeles Lakers v Oklahoma City Thunder
Kobe Bryant with the LA Lakers, left, and Kevin Durant with the OKC Thunder

Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant had many battles that helped them develop a relationship. During that time, Durant sought some advice from the Black Mamba and was given significant help on how to become the best player.

During his days with the OKC Thunder, Durant was the leader of the aspiring ball club. Being in the Western Conference, the two-time Finals MVP often matched up against the late Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers. The two All-Stars had memorable encounters.

Now with the Brooklyn Nets, KD shared the advice given to him by the Lakers legend after their 122-116 win against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday night.

"Really just don't be a crybaby," Durant said. "I was at that age at 23 where I thought the world revolved around me. And I know we've talked a lot about Kobe, he was real humble in how he approached the game, how he approached his teammates, just life in general. So, I learned just from watching his movements.
"He was an example, he didn't say much, but he was an example just by how he moved and I try to emulate, like I said, him and Mike are two dudes I emulate on and off the court what they do and I know it will make me better."
Kobe Bryant's advice to Kevin Durant: 'Really just don't be a crybaby'

It seems as though Bryant's words resonated with Durant. He's now in his 15th NBA season and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. KD, who is 34, is currently averaging 29.8 points per game this season, putting him in the seventh spot in the's MVP ranking.


In his most recent outing against the Hornets, the 6-foot-10 forward had 29 points, nine rebounds and eight assists to lead the Nets to their 14th win.

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Hornets coach Steve Clifford compared Kevin Durant to the Lakers great

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant
Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant

After the Nets' 122-116 win over the Hornets on Wednesday night, Charlotte coach Steve Clifford had high praise for the veteran forward. Clifford took time to appreciate Kevin Durant's greatness and even compared him to Bryant.

"He's a lot like Kobe to me," Clifford said. "Their makeup is different in many ways, but on the court, they're very similar in terms of the way they work, and they're both students of the game. When I think of Kobe, I think of passion, when I think of Kevin, I think of passion.
"So, two elite players who care deeply about the results more than they do, like, individual numbers."
Steve Clifford spent a season as a player development consultant for the Nets before taking the Hornets coaching job. That gave him an up-close and personal look at Kevin Durant, who Clifford said reminds him of one of the best to ever do [email protected]

Kevin Durant appreciated Clifford's comments. Durant responded by saying that he tries his best to do everything that Bryant did on the court.

"It's hard to fill them shoes and be a Kobe Bryant," Durant said. "But Kobe is somebody I've been around and still study to this day. And basically I just try to copy everything he does, same with Michael Jordan. Those two guys just set the tone for everything you want to be as a basketball player. So, I just simply try to copy them as much as I can."
Hornets HC Steve Clifford said Kevin Durant’s preparation reminds him of Kobe Bryant more than any other player.KD was asked about Kobe postgame:“Basically I just try to copy everything he does.”

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