LeBron James says Bronny James is the “The GREATEST KID EVER” and a ‘Pro’ too

2021 Hoophall West - Perry v Sierra Canyon
2021 Hoophall West - Perry v Sierra Canyon

LeBron James of the LA Lakers never fails to show his love and support for his own family, making fans admire him even more. The most recent recipient of this is his first-born son, Bronny, whom he complimented greatly on his social media account.

As time passes by, Bronny's on-court development slowly climbs. In his recent games, he's shown that he's matured as a basketball player and that he's become a trustworthy leader on the floor. On Twitter, LeBron once again displayed his love for his son by retweeting and complimenting him through a post of his highlight plays.

"He's SIMPLY a GREAT ALL-AROUND PLAYER but most importantly The GREATEST KID EVER!!! Oh and he's a PRO too!" James tweeted.

Bronny has been on the trending news for quite some time now. He's had games where he dominated his opponents and proved to scouts that he's one of the top young players in the country.

With his goal of playing alongside his son in the NBA, LeBron's dreams could come true in a few seasons. Bronny has developed into one of the better young players gunning for the NBA right now. They could be the first father-son duo to play at the same time due to their incredible talents.

Right now, all LeBron can do is show his support for his son and wait for him to become eligible for the NBA draft. Bronny will be allowed to be in the 2024 draft, which could be the final year of the four-time champion.

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Richard Jefferson shares how LeBron James and the Lakers organization's patience is being tested

LA Lakers forward LeBron James
LA Lakers forward LeBron James

LeBron James and the Lakers (20-25), who have lost four of their last five games, have been disappointing this season and last season (33-49). Injuries to their stars and a lackluster roster have played a big part. Richard Jefferson, a former teammate of James, shared his take on how impatient the stars and team executives have grown throughout this whole time.

"It's been 18 months that we've been on a 'wait and see' knowing that this doesn't work," Jefferson said. "And you just wonder, how much more patience the Lakers have, how much more patience LeBron has, how much more patience Anthony Davis has. Everyone is growing impatient in that organization and on the outside."

His ESPN co-host, Kendrick Perkins, said that the Lakers' situation is some sort of punishment based on ownership. This pertains towards James's influence on the trade that sent future assets in exchange for Russell Westbrook. RJ pointed out that James has delivered on himself by bringing in Anthony Davis and winning the 2020 championship.

"He's delivering on himself," Jefferson said. "He brought Anthony Davis, that was not him saying, 'Oh, I wanna go play with the Lakers.' That was Anthony Davis saying, 'We have the same agent, and I want to go play with LeBron James.'"

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