LeBron James' wife Savannah James discusses BBLs & beauty standards: "Don't understand why you've got to get the biggest a*s that you can get"

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Four-time NBA champ LeBron James' wife Savannah James shares her thoughts on cosmetic procedures

LeBron James' wife, Savannah James, has continued to make waves with her new podcast, "Everybody's Crazy". The show, which is hosted by Savannah and her longtime friend, businesswoman April McDaniel, has released several weekly episodes so far. Over the first five episodes, the pair have shown that no topics are off limits.

In the most recent episode, which was released on Tuesday morning, the two friends discuss natural beauty standards. With cosmetic procedures becoming increasingly common in society, the pair shared their take on them.

One of the unique elements of the show that allows listeners to connect with the hosts is the fact that people can call in to discuss topics with James & McDaniel. One fan asked how it could be that the same brain that tells someone they're unattractive is the same one that approves of procedures like Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs).

As James explained, just because a physical feature can be cosmetically altered through surgery doesn't mean things should be taken to an extreme. The four-time NBA champ's wife then spoke about body dysmorphia, saying:

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"I do think there is a level of like body dysmorphia that comes into play in certain BBL situations because I just don't understand the idea of having to have it be so big, like I've seen BBLs that are done beautifully that look amazing, they fit your body, the legs match.
"Let's just say I don't understand why you've got to get the biggest ass that you can get."

"I love a wig" - LeBron James' wife, Savannah James, opens up on wearing wigs

While Savannah James may not be a fan of BBLs taken to the absolute max, she is a fan of wearing a wig. Whether she's at home, out and about, or even in the bedroom, James is a fan of wig-wearing.

As she also explained, she likes to use a bonnet in order to keep her hairstyle looking fresh because she doesn't like to get her hair and nails done. Given that James is viewed as very fashion-oriented, the revelation that she doesn't like getting her hair and nails done may be surprising to some viewers.

As she explained, her love of wig-wearing plays into her utilization and appreciation for wearing a bonnet because it allows her to put off getting her hair done for longer. As she explained:

"I am also a very Avid wig wearer. I love a wig, I wear mine for the most part all the time around the house in the bedroom, all of the things. To sleep, I tie her down with my band, I wear a bonnet, my friend here, April hates a bonnet but I feel like that's how I like to preserve my hairstyle.
"I'm not a girly girl in the sense that I enjoy getting my hair done or getting my nails done, like I think it's like daunting but I love the way that it looks and makes me feel and all the things. So I do it, but I'm going to preserve [it] for as long as I can."

For the latest release of the Everybody's Crazy podcast, fans will have to wait until next Tuesday for episode six to be released. In the meantime, Savannah James and her husband LeBron James will continue to go through the final steps in preparation for the NBA draft with their son, Bronny.

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