"LeBron sent their a** to podcasting": NBA fans hilariously react to Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart coming up with new show

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Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart coming up with new show

Long-time buddies Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart announced that they will start their own podcast titled "Roommates Show". While it has become a recent trend for current and former NBA players, Brunson and Hart's timing couldn't be any worse, considering how they started the show after getting beaten by LeBron James and the LA Lakers in their home court on Saturday.

NBA fans are making fun of Brunson and Hart after they got destroyed in Madison Square Garden. Some fans, though, are genuinely excited to see what the two New York Knicks players have in store and can't wait for their show to debut. Here's what some fans said about Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart:

"LeBron sent their a** to podcasting 😂 "
"Nah that pod gonna be funny aslllll😂😂😂 "
"half the league got a podcast now, but still we will be listening"
"Can't wait for [Josh Hart] antics on this man no teammate is safe 😭 "
"This would’ve hit different if they didn’t just lose to a 40 year old"
"Good, we definitely don't have enough podcasts."
"Should be fantastic.. would listen to them banter any day lol"

Will NBA players Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart podcast be successful?

Many players, current and retired, have started their podcast. While their shows may differ from the other, they essentially talk about the same thing: basketball. New York Knicks stars Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart are about to enter the fray.

The question fans may have is if Brunson and Hart will pull it off. The simple answer would be yes. However, there are a few things to consider before arriving at the conclusion. It's easy to grab a mic, start recording, and talking about random things, but it comes down to how differently they execute it.

One perfect example would be Paul George's show known as 'Podcast P'. According to sources, PG's pod is the best among all NBA podcasts. One of the many reasons for tgat is due to his charisma on camera and the way he delivers his speech. He has a sense of humor that many fans can relate to, which makes his pod more interesting than others.

Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart will need to have a similar podcast. Considering how Brunson and Hart have known each other and played together since college, their chemistry could be undeniably evident.

That could be the key to their success in the podcasting world as they could use their familiarity with each one to make hilarious remarks and become a humorously chaotic duo.

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