"Michael Jordan calls Magic Johnson" - 'It Is What It Is' hosts hold Larsa Pippen responsible for Scotty Pippen Jr. getting waived

Scotty Pippen Jr. getting waived by Lakers is blamed on Larsa Pippen by "It Is What It Is" hosts
Scotty Pippen Jr. getting waived by Lakers is blamed on Larsa Pippen by "It Is What It Is" hosts

Despite being separated from Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen, Larsa Pippen seems to have maintained a close relationship with their son Scotty Pippen Jr. The couple officially divorced on Dec. 15, 2021, after several years of reaching a divorce settlement, as per reports.

Recently, Scotty Pippen Jr. got waived by the Los Angeles Lakers ahead of the start of the NBA 2023-24 regular season. During a segment on "It Is What It Is" with Mase, rapper Cam'ron gave his perspective on the situation and blamed Larsa Pippen for her son getting released by the Lakers.

"It only takes one call," Cam'ron said. "Michael Jordan calls Magic Johnson, and Magic Johnson calls Jeanie Buss, shut it down. You causing your son a job with this public s***."

Cam'ron's comments suggest that Pippen's son not making the final cut on the team could have simply come from a phone call from Michael Jordan. This is mainly because Larsa Pippen is in the limelight for her relationship with Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan.

Meanwhile, Scotty Pippen Jr. originally signed with the Los Angeles Lakers as an undrafted player back in 2022. The former Vanderbilt guard was also on a two-way contract with the team. He showed out during preseason, earning a spot on the Lakers' roster, in which he managed to play six games last season.

During his brief time playing, he put up 2.3 points in a limited playing time of 5.3 minutes per game. In this year's preseason, he averaged 4.5 points, 2.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.5 steals in over 15.7 playing minutes per game.

Being the son of NBA legend Scottie Pippen comes with the expectations and the pressure of living up to his legacy. Making it into the NBA has never been easy, even if one's father won six championships alongside Michael Jordan.

Larsa Pippen talks about Scotty Pippen Jr. and Preston Pippen being fond of Marcus Jordan

Despite all the public criticisms Larsa Pippen has received regarding her relationship with Scotty Pippen Jr., she mentioned in a 2023 Marca article that her sons are fond of Marcus Jordan.

"[My kids], they love Marcus," Pippen said. "Like, they love him and I feel like we talk about the same things. So when I'm talking to my older son Scotty about basketball, Marcus is in on the conversation. [Then when I am] talking to my son Preston about fashion, Marcus has a clothing store -- he has a boutique -- so he chimes in. It is just an easy fit for our family."

From Pippen's comments, Marcus Jordan seems to be aligned with each of her sons' interests in life. For Scotty Pippen Jr., it's about the NBA and basketball, while for Preston Pippen, it's about fashion.

Jordan being knowledgeable and relatable to both of her sons has made the situation much more manageable for all of them, without all of the outside noise and drama.

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