“MJ would never play against LeBron in a game” - Kevin Durant says there is no need to compare careers, says what Michael Jordan and LeBron have done is ‘unbelievable s**t’

2022 All-Star Game: Michael Jordan reacts after being introduced to the NBA 75.
2022 All-Star Game: Michael Jordan reacts after being introduced to the NBA 75.

Kevin Durant shut down the Michael Jordan versus LeBron James argument during Wednesday’s podcast of “The ETCs with Kevin Durant.” Durant explained why the players should not be compared. He argued that both are legends with amazing careers and deserve their own space in history.

KD says LeBron and Michael Jordan have both done 'unbelievable sh*t,' need no comparison

Kevin Durant first outlined:

“MJ would never play against LeBron in a game.”

The point made is arguably the only one needed. Michael Jordan would never play LeBron James in a game, so the speculation around the concept is overstated. The Jordan's greatness is from a different time than LeBron’s.

KD said Jordan’s legendary popularity is due in part to the level of mystery and allure he had. The lack of cameras, social media and constant coverage did not exist. With all of that being around now, players are perceived much differently.

Durant then said that even though Jordan stands alone, James will be in that realm of legendary greatness once retired:

“I think LeBron will be in that same realm. … There’s, like, no comparison to what Michael Jordan did. It’s just different. You know what I’m saying? … Y’all both are something we never seen before. You know, both unique, both sitting in your own areas of greatness.”

James is a four-time champion and four-time MVP. Jordan is a six-time champion and five-time MVP.

Durant questioned the need to compare the players:

“Why the hell are we always comparing these guys like they’re gonna play against each other? ... When you look at what they’ve done separate of, like, the comparisons, it’s some unbelievable shit from both of them. And that transcends the game of basketball, you know. I’ve heard people say ‘You’re the LeBron of this,’ so, you know, he’s in that realm, too.”

James has averaged 27.1 points, 7.5 rebounds and 7.4 assists per game across his career. Both career averages are relative to one another, as are their accolades. As a result, KD’s argument of needing no comparison stands solid.

The aura of greatness that surrounds both is embedded so deeply that their names are synonymous to dominance and victory. The two have made their own waves that surpass staium doors, becoming inspiration for people everywhere.

The impacts both have made transcend the game in their own way, as KD argued, and as a result there stands no reason to belittle either’s greatness in comparison.

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